Mon, Jun 14 2021

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Name: KettleSpace - New York - Baar Baar

Address: 13 E 1st St, New York New York 10003 United States


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About This Space

KettleSpace @ Baar Baar is a top coworking space in the Bowery neighborhood of NYC. Freelancers, professionals and remote workers leverage Baar Baar each week for work, meetings and a mobile office. If you are looking for meeting space in the Bowery or across NYC, Baar Baar is just for you.


- Blazing Fast Wi-Fi

- Bottomless Coffee & Tea

- Outlets for Every Seat

- Space to Work and Connect

- Member Happy Hours

- Food & Drink Perks


Our Mission

Our mission is to support, empower, and connect the untethered workforce - while lifting up local businesses and supporting the vibrancy of the cities around us. We do this through our unique partnership model that aligns economic incentives to generate new, profit-rich revenue streams for our partners and offers our members a network of productive spaces and community experiences with unparalleled convenience, value, and inspiration.

Our Story

Founded by WeWork, Twitter, and hospitality industry veterans, KettleSpace partners with leading hospitality brands to create a network of on-demand, perk-filled working and meeting spaces during their downtime. Additionally, we offer value-added community, connections, services, and benefits to support our community members along their professional journey. 

Born out of countless poor "coffee shop coworking" experiences, recognition that the "traditional coworking" model was too expensive and limiting for modern professionals, and far too many "For Lease" signs across our cities, we sought to create a new model that combined the best of traditional coworking with the flexibility of coffee shops - and deliver it in a way that supports local businesses while providing an industry-leading price point.  Starting with a single space at a TriBeCa gastropub in late 2016, we now have a thriving network of spaces across NYC + Brooklyn, with many more spaces and cities on the way!


Hours of Operation

9:00am-5:00pm M-F

Week of 6/24












Rate Card:

• Lite : $25/mo
• Pro : $49/mo
• Unlimited : $99/mo

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