Mon, Jun 14 2021

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Name: Social Offline - Chandigarh - Sector 7 Social

Address: SCO 37, Madhya Marg, Sector 7-C, Chandigarh Indiana 160019 India


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Chandigarh, with its quiet lanes that adhere perfectly to plan, creates a surface image that may surprise those who don’t know that people here love to party - and how! By day a hotbed of strategies and systems, which gives way by night to parties galore, the city seamlessly transitions between the two every day.

Sector 7 Social, the first ever Social Outlet at Chandigarh, fits right into this blend of Work X Play. The design elements at this space aren’t just quirky, but incredibly functional, which lends itself to a space that is ideal for both.

Spread across two levels and a 10,000 sq.ft. area, Sector 7 Social aims to create a series of diverse experiences for the guests. From a secret tram entrance to the outlet at the rear of the building, to tight pockets of spaces leading to a large amphitheatre like courtyard with stadium seating and an outdoor bar, Sector 7 Social is a maze of spaces, seamlessly integrated with a thread of experiences, playing an architectural pun on the planned city of Chandigarh.

Sector 7 also plays host to Social’s first ever brewery, which serves up a plethora of brews that are sure to fulfil any hophead’s dreams! With a range of styles to cater to all palates, the menu includes the Hefner, the BMW (Bavarian Malt Wheat, silly!), the Fruit Ale, the Wee Heavy Scotch Ale, the Stout and the Neipa.

#Sector7Social is here to make sure everything goes according to plan - whether that’s to get some work, done or party through the night!


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