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Name: Cloudworks - Barcelona - Sant Pere

Address: Ronda de Sant Pere, 52, Barcelona Spain 08010 Spain


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An innovative workspace

Its central location and avant-garde design make this coworking the ideal place to do business. The work environment is characterized by the productivity and the link of the companies in your community. Discover the benefits that this location has for you with the possibility of coworking, private offices and shared offices in the Sant Pere area.

The future of private offices and shared spaces

Cloudworks Sant Pere has a nearby community where you can establish fruitful and lasting connections. If you want to develop your company in a productive and positive environment, this is the ideal place for your team.

This location is also highlighted by its design. Every detail of it was conceived by the architectural study Measure. The lines between private offices and shared spaces are blurred thanks to its glass structure. This diaphanous space breaks with the paradigms of traditional offices to bring you the future of workspaces.

Shared offices and private offices in the center of Barcelona - Cloudworks

Strategically located between Plaza Catalunya and Arc de Triomf this is one of our most accessible locations. A few minutes from downtown, here converge several of the most interesting neighborhoods in the city.

You can explore the alleys of the Gothic Quarter or the Born in your free time. You also have at your disposal l'Eixample, one of the most iconic neighborhoods of modernist Barcelona, ​​designed by Ildefons Cerdà. Some of the most important architectural references in the area are Casa Batlló, Casa Amatller, Casa Granell and Mercat de la Concepció.


Included services

- Access 24/7

- Internet of high speed

- Freshly ground coffee

- All supplies included

- Abundant natural light

- Phone booths

- Meeting rooms

- Security

Your own work space

Our Fix coworking spaces are designed for self-employed and growing startups. In all our locations we have this plan for you to choose the one of your preference.

As its name implies, the Fix space allows you to have your designated desktop and exclusive use. Here you can leave your equipment and belongings safely. It also includes a chest of drawers, 4 hours of reservation of meeting rooms, reception of packages, coffee or tea, printing, access 24/7 and assistance to our events. 

This plan is ideal if you are a freelancer, if you work remotely for a company or if you have a growing startup. We strive to analyze your profile to suggest the ideal space and with the right people.

We understand that flexibility is key. If your company is growing, you can hire as many positions as necessary quickly and conveniently. You can also change the type of space or location according to your needs at the time. As a member of Cloudworks you have priority of choice. 

The workspace is an integral concept for us. That is why we have common areas where you can make meetings or have a coffee. You can also work from our terraces or just take a break.

The diversity that characterizes our community makes it possible to create synergies. We have cultivated relationships between professionals from different sectors and varied profiles that have resulted in success stories. If you need to collaborate with other Cloudworkers, we will help you find the ideal connection.


Your particular space

We are your ally to establish your team in an office. We take care of the space management so you can concentrate on your work. We understand the needs of each company, so our proposals are flexible and personalized.

Our designs are designed to create a development and productivity environment for your team. We respond to the current demands of workers and we help you to add value. Here you will find a balanced environment, efficient and comfortable spaces. 

In Cloudworks, we cultivate a community of hundreds of members from different sectors and profiles. We believe in the power of connections and we promote activities and events so that you attract the right talent and keep your team motivated.

Our private offices are ideal for freelancers who need an exclusive space or companies with teams from 2 to 20 members. We have different options in our coworking centers to adapt to your needs. 

Have privacy when you need it and access to the common areas of our locations. This plan also includes access to meeting rooms, package reception, coffee and tea, printing and 24/7 access. 
Keep your team in contact with other professionals to share affinities and constantly update. Our goal is to offer the ideal balance between professional life and interpersonal relationships.

We have experience working with numerous teams. Our proposal of personalized offices is designed especially for companies with particular requirements. We create customized spaces and private access for teams of more than 20 people. 

Our team is at your disposal to design the space you need. We have extensive knowledge in work spaces to propose the best design and location for your company. Also, you do not need to invest in this phase, we assume the cost. 

Forget about the operative work of an office, count on our team so that you can dedicate yourself to your work. Your point of contact in Cloudworks is responsible for what you need in your day to day.



Customize your office

We offer additional services such as lift tables, ergonomic furniture and magnetic boards to optimize your workspace.

Custom connectivity

We adapt our internet connectivity service to your needs. From our own line with fixed IP to a personalized or individual infrastructure, our IT team is at your disposal.

Access to events

We want you to be part of our community and we strive to provide quality experiences for you to share with other Cloudworkers.


Organize your meetings in a simple way

We have different rooms for each type of meeting. We adapt our proposal according to the number of people, we offer spaces for 2 to 50 people. Organize your meetings and training in the best locations according to your preference.


Choose the space that best suits your needs and book easily and quickly. We adapt to your requirements to offer you the ideal option and simplify the process. 

Our meeting rooms are comfortable and we take care of your design. They are equipped with screens, whiteboards, and high-speed internet to optimize your experience.

Do not worry about space management, our team is at your disposal for whatever you need. 

We also have training rooms and workshops for didactic activities or presentations. They are ideal for groups of 10 to 50 people. They are equipped with a projector, whiteboards and high speed internet. Everything you need to exhibit or teach in one place.

The room rental also includes freshly ground coffee, tea and filtered water. If you need it, we can also manage additional services such as catering and offer suggestions for restaurants in the area.


Cloudworks - Coworking and private offices

Find here your ideal coworking space and connect with a great community of professionals in an extraordinary environment. In Cloudworks you will find comprehensive and personalized services for freelancers, startups and companies.


Rate Card:

• Coworking Fix : from € 240 / month + VAT
• Private Offices : from € 285 / month + VAT
• Meeting Room :

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