Thu, Dec 03 2020

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Name: Co-Work Spot - Barcelona - Barcelona

Address: 126 Ronda del General Mitre, Atico 2, Barcelona Spain 08006 Spain


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You want your place of work to stop being a problem and become a resource, surrounding yourself with workers like you with whom to share your day to day.


You have the idea and you just need to germinate in the right environment, where scalability is the most simple and networking , protagonist.


You know all about having your own offices. But ... what if you could have them equally without the typical worries?


1. Productivity

They are your place of work. That is to say, you are going to work, and it spreads more than anywhere else. It is the law of the one who assembles it on his own.

2. Networking

When two complementary professionals work 10 meters away, the inevitable happens : synergies everywhere.

3. Freedom

If you do not feel like going to work, you do not go and nobody says anything to you. You organize the time as you want, for that you have decided to undertake.

4. Possibilities

A coworking does not have to be an industrial base rehabilitated with many tables. There is life beyond this and we are going to show it to you.



Looking up from the computer and seeing a wall is one thing. Looking at Tibidabo face to face is another. We are in an attic, if you look where you look from here, it will give you a feeling of tremendous freedom.


Giant spaces with low quality furniture? Do not! Better spaces with furniture to the last, totally new . And cheap ! Maybe we have not told you yet, but did you know we 're premiere ?


Our added value The coworking has a large terrace that removes hiccups. An outdoor place where you can relax in the sun, talk with other coworkers or even take a nap (we will not tell anyone ;-))



The penthouse is spectacular, why are we going to cheat. We have common tables, private offices, meeting rooms ... But what we like is to make community.

A community of workers who inspire each other. That they connect with each other, that they encourage their creativity and that they unleash their passion for their projects.

You will be able to change from one plan to another at your whim, in a very simple way. You know better than anyone what your business needs at all times.

And also, without permanence : when you want to leave us, even if it hurts us in the soul, with which you tell us 30 days in advance will be enough. We will always adapt to you and your possibilities.



Working on your own is no longer going to be a problem. You will come to a work environment full of comforts and motivations to give the best of yourself as a freelancer.


Your start-up is going to grow big without having to go to other offices. Change your plan to your whim and scale your business as fast as it grows . It will do it, the environment is unbeatable for it !. Check the possibilities.


When the month ends, you will not have to spend hours with 50 bills. You will only have one, and zero worries beyond making your company grow and become the medium that allows you to live as you always dreamed.


Where we are?

We are located in the attic of Ronda del General Miter 126 , in Sarrià (Barcelona). An area easily accessible by car or public transport, perfectly connected to other areas of Barcelona. If you want to come by car, you have the option to rent a parking space next to the building.



600 m2

Spread between the reception, the work areas, the private offices, the meeting room, the kitchen, the dining room and the terrace. And growing.

30 jobs

For now . As we say, the coworking is new (November 2018) and we are expanding the office. Little by little, we will increase the available spaces.

1 event / month

On our terrace we organize events monthly. They are the ideal time to enjoy the rest of coworkers, doing relaxed networking in a chill environment.


Rate Card:

• Virtual Office : €45 / month
• Fix Spot : €205 / month
• Private Spot : €495 / month

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