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Name: CREC - Barcelona - Coworking Sabadell

Address: Carrer del Sol, 62, Barcelona Spain 08201 Spain


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CREC Coworking Sabadell

The opportunity to grow your business

  • Connect with other entrepreneurs and establish successful collaborations through our community builders. In this 2018, we have closed more than 360 collaborations among our coworkers.
  • Forget the management of your own office and concentrate on your business. We will take care of the Wi-Fi, the consumptions, the management and cleaning of the spaces, the technological material or the reception of the mail.
  • Work in any of our available spaces with total flexibility: CREC Poble Sec and CREC Eixample, in  Barcelona; and the new space in the center  of Sabadell.

Come and see the new CREC Sabadell and discover the full potential of a custom coworking.


Discover the advantages of working at CREC Coworking Sabadell

Since 2012, our goal is to offer the best possible work environment to small and medium-sized companies. We have designed a coworking model focused on people and on the infinite business possibilities that are born through value connections.

WiFi + Ethernet 600Mb

High availability Internet managed with Cisco - Meraki.

A great community

More than 200 professionals already work at CREC. Join up!

Community Builders

The key to our coworking A personal and accessible service.

Two spaces in Barcelona

You choose: Center of Barcelona or Poble Sec.


Meeting rooms, skype rooms or photo studio.

Community events

Vermouths, dinners or workshops to create new connections.

CREC Connect

We connect you with profiles that contribute a plus in your project.

A thousand and one resources

Printer, photocopier, scanner or package pickup.

Pet friendly

If your furry partner is educated, at CREC he is welcome.

Without permanence

Renew your rate month by month with 30 days notice.


Enjoy the best coworking service in Barcelona, ​​have the rate you have.


Your equipment is secured and monitored with security cameras.



> If you are interested is to establish value connections with other entrepreneurs like you.

> You want to expand your location possibilities and connect with Barcelona.

> You are determined to grow your business and want to focus on it and forget about the management of your office.

Explore our new coworking in Sabadell. Come and see us is the best way to know if CREC is also for you.


Connecting with coworking since 2012

CREC was born  as an idea of ​​a team of brave entrepreneurs from Barcelona who believed that this coworking could be great.

Thanks to the team of Club Lleuresport de Barcelona , CREC's driving company, its experience in project management, the enthusiasm and the firm confidence that there was another way of working, CREC Poble Sec was born in 2012. A space of more than 1000m2, with 150 coworking positions, meeting and training rooms, therapy room, photography studio, office and different common spaces where to interact.

" A community is not a group of people in the same space, but the union of people who collaborate and create synergies driven by a team"

With the arrival of the first coworkers we discovered that a community is not a group of people in the same space, but the union of people who collaborate and create synergies driven by a team  that works 100% to generate the environment and the ideal connections for make it possible

"The work philosophy that we have created in CREC works not only for freelancers or freelancers, but also for small and large companies."

We have shared this project with more than 200 professionals and we have verified that the work philosophy that we have created in CREC works and is necessary not only for freelancers or freelancers, but also for small and large companies.

In 2016, our expectations were overcome thanks to their proactivity and willingness to share. With your support we opened our second coworking space in Barcelona, ​​CREC Eixample. An adapted space in the center of Barcelona where you have fixed and flex positions, meeting room, office and offices.

After more than five years dedicated to coworking and discovering every day its multiple benefits, we embarked on a new project from the City Council of Barcelona and the District of Sant Andreu to create a new concept of coworking: social return coworking .

In 2017 we opened Sinèrgics , a municipal coworking housed in spaces that were not in use in the neighborhood of Baró de Viver, where coworkers actively participate in projects that favor the development of their immediate surroundings.

But our desire to grow would not end here, much less. Therefore, this 2019 we have inaugurated CREC Sabadell , our first space outside of Barcelona. As our CEO Román Calavera says , "coworking has to be an option for everyone, not just for big cities." And so we did.

Once again, coworking led by a professional team of community builders becomes much more than an office, a powerful tool for development not only for the professionals who inhabit it but also for its environment.

Behind this growth is the effort of a motivated, open team, focused on meeting the needs of a living community and with the challenge of creating connections that favor the growth of all the projects that live in CREC, especially through our community builders .


Rate Card:

• Fix : $ 185 + VAT / per month
• Flex : € 135 + VAT / per month
• Office : $ 500 + VAT / per month

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