Mon, Nov 23 2020

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Name: LoftCowork - Barcelona - Barcelona

Address: Plaça Can Felipa, 3, 1º-3ª, Barcelona Spain 08005 Spain


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An ideal place for the development of an activity, to locate a branch in Barcelona or to hold meetings and presentations with clients.

Professional environment

Designed and designed to create and produce in an ideal environment, enhancing this new concept of way of working, being pioneers in it and in the evolution of the design of the workspace.

Singular spaces

We offer unique spaces in which professionals from different fields can develop their projects, sharing their knowledge and collaborating to achieve success.


Flexibility, tranquility, communication and synergies in a space that reinforces your professional image and that of your projects ...


Located in an industrial building cataloged by its architectural value, it is endowed with a sophisticated and functional interior design 
projected by the Interior Designer Josep Cano .

An open work environment on two levels, in which the original elements of the Lofts, such as the great height, the large reclaimed windows overlooking the square, the brick walls and the natural wood flooring, combine perfectly with the new steel and concrete structures, cubic volumes, diverse coatings and furniture with exclusive design in steel.

The visual communication with the exterior and the light that naturally bathes the whole space create an ideal atmosphere to work, being a privilege for the senses of the people who work there, projecting a current and evolving image.



  • Free access
  • Hours from Monday to Friday 08:00 - 20:00 
    - 12 uninterrupted hours
  • Access hall
  • External loading / unloading area
  • Water area with large sink
  • Office equipped with a refrigerator, microwave and coffee machine
  • Wardrobe and toilet with shower. Hot water
  • Use of tools and certain machinery
  • Single-phase and three-phase electrical installation. 
    - Contracted power 8.8 KW
  • Fiber Optic 300 Mb 
    - Independent line for network cable and WiFi
  • Housekeeping
  • Light and water supplies included
  • Equipment and material insurance



  • Large work table of 3.00 x 1.00 x 0.9 h
  • Independent lighting
  • Installation of independent plugs
  • Shelves of 6.00 linear meters x 0.9 hours
  • Area of ​​storage and exhibition of tools
  • Box office saves equipment
  • Stool

Rate Card:

• Full time : € 210 / MONTH + VAT
• Part time : € 167 / MONTH + VAT
• Meeting Room : € 20 / HOUR + VAT
• Rental of Locations : € 1200 / DAY + VAT

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