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Name: IVO Work Spaces - Ciudad de México - Reform

Address: Av. Ciudad Universitaria # 286 Floor 2, Col. Jardines del pedregal, Ciudad de México Mexico 01900 Mexico


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Reforma Center

The ideal space when you have to be close to your customers.

It is located on the most important commercial corridor in Mexico City.

Training room for up to 50 people.

It is an ideal space for people who need to be in an accessible place for everyone, and be able to reach any part of the city in the shortest time.

The Reforma center is located on Paseo de la Reforma # 389 10th Floor, Col. Cuauhtémoc, CDMX , a few meters from the Angel of Independence on the one hand, and on the other the source of the Diana Huntress, the Reforma center allows us to have The best location in the city at the best price.

We have virtual offices, private physical offices, meeting rooms, training rooms and coworking spaces. All our users can enjoy unlimited high-speed internet, coffee, water and tea for self-service, in addition to the correspondence reception service and personalized telephone service for members of the IVO network.

The security in IVO Reforma is our priority, nobody can access without having delivered an official identification and have made a previous registration, we have closed circuit cameras.

In the hiring of your monthly membership, we also include boardroom hours. With the monthly rent of a private office, we include a parking lot.

In the hiring of Virtual Office services, we include 5 hours of Boardroom.

Come and meet us, we are your best option, we have the ideal place for you.


- Locker

- Premium services

- Coffee Station

- Internet of high speed

- Air conditioner

- Meeting places

- Projector

- Switch

- Parking lot

- Accessibility

- Access security

- Sanitary ware

- Elevator

- bikes

- Receptionist / Assistant


Work spaces in shared office.

In the same way as workspaces in a shared area, this modality allows you to save substantially on office expenses, since the value of the monthly rent is shared with other coworkers like you.

The intention of these spaces is to open the possibilities of your business by feedback from the experiences and knowledge of other coworkers. Working alongside people with the same vision as you, will always be a situation that adds up in all aspects.

The only difference with workspaces in a shared area is that in this modality there is greater privacy and it is particularly quieter.


The perfect space for your meetings with your entire team.

If you work from a distance or from home, boardrooms are an excellent option for your face-to-face meetings with your entire team.

The distribution of all our boardrooms in the various centers of the IVO network will allow you to move your staff to the place closest to your customers. In this way the savings are in all directions, you do not have to pay a heavy monthly rent for an office where they will never or almost never be, and they will save time and transportation costs by locating your meetings in strategic points of the city.

Our rooms are fully equipped with high speed internet, air conditioning, projector or smart screen and everything you need to make your work or business meetings.


Instant corporate face

Often people who approach flexible work spaces for the first time confuse physical offices ready for use with virtual offices, but then;

What is a virtual office?

It is a personalized telephone answering service, in addition to receiving mail and parcels, as well as the inclusion of a business address for your company, particularly when you work from home or remotely.

This service has different modalities and in the most complete of them, the fiscal address is also included. Due to its characteristics, the virtual office needs to be acquired monthly, and for that reason, it also includes some hours of boardrooms to hold face-to-face meetings.


We have everything you need for your next training

Meetings from 15 people require much wider spaces.

In IVO we have large training rooms that will make your experience very pleasant. We have all the services included, air conditioning, last generation furniture, self-service cafeteria service for all attendees, projector and most importantly, we guarantee your safety and that of all your guests.

We are your best option if it is training.


Work spaces in shared area.

Shared spaces or coworking are ideal for people who decide to save on office expenses and are also interested in creating more robust business networks and multidisciplinary work teams.

Coworking helps us meet people who have an interest in building new businesses based on a network of experts in different subjects who could exchange their knowledge in order to reduce costs and times, but above all to create synergy for the benefit of all community of workers.

It is time to enter the forefront, coworking is the new way of working for all who start their own business, it is the perfect space for those who are already undertaking.


A space exclusively for you.

If you need an exclusive space for you or your team, we also have it.

In IVO we have offices for different needs throughout our network. From offices for a person who needs to serve their clients, to large offices for complete work teams.

If this is your need, we also offer you the possibility to reserve your office not only by month, but by week, by day and if you require it, for an hour as well.

All our offices have all the services included. High-speed Internet, telephone service via switch, air conditioning, self-service cafeteria, boardroom hours included and a parking lot. *


Rate Card:

• Private Offices - Per hour : $ 232.00 MXN
• Private Offices - Per day : $ 1,160.00 MXN

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IVO Work Space - Ciudad de México - Reforma Center IVO Work Space - Ciudad de México - Reforma Center
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