Fri, Jan 22 2021

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Name: Espiritu23 - Madrid - Madrid

Address: Espiritu Santo Street, 23 (local), Madrid Spain 28004 Spain


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ESPÍRITU23  is a  COWORKING  that works  as a  workplace for freelancers and small businesses and also has a COFFEE  where you can come to work and connect to the Internet.

ESPÍRITU23 is a place that offers multipurpose spaces to carry out  ACTIVITIES, EVENTS  and anything you can think of in them.

Espiritu23 is a co-working space for freelance professionals and small companies fully equipped with open work areas and meeting and activity rooms. We also have an on premise café for visitors to enjoy.

Espiritu23 has a number of multi-purpose rooms for all types of activities, events and meetings.


Spirit23 is a shared workspace .

A place where professionals, freelancers, small businesses, groups, organizations and citizens in general can find everything they need to carry out their task.

We put at your disposal our coworking space in Malasaña with 48 jobs. From Monday to Friday you can choose between 2 modalities: fixed and flexible positions. Check our coworking services to see which plan best suits your needs and come to know us, everyone is welcome. We will show you the space without commitment.

Espiritu23 is a shared work environment

We welcome all types of freelance professionals, companies, groups, associations and NGOs to provide them with a friendly space in which to work .



Multipurpose rooms

Rooms that can be rented for hours or days to carry out courses, meetings, workshops, essays, exhibitions or any other teaching or artistic activity.

Multi-purpose rooms

Rooms and activity spaces can be rented hourly, daily and weekly for courses, classes, meetings, workshops, expositions and all other types of activities.



Event space 

In the heart of Malasaña, located at street level and with 200m of floor to rent individual rooms or all the space. We have catering service, projector, speakers and wifi. Custom budgets.



For coworkers and digital nomads

Tired of working at home? Just one day in Madrid and looking for space to work? In our cafe you can enjoy an hour of free Wi-Fi with a drink. Cafes, teas, smoothies and soft drinks so you can enjoy our space for as long as you need.

Rate Card:

• Fixed Station : € 165 / monthly
• Portable Position : € 100 / monthly
• Weekly Stay : € 40
• Day Pass : € 10

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