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Name: Fangaloka - Madrid - Madrid

Address: Plaza del Sol, 31 Oficina 11 - Planta 2, Madrid Spain 28938 Spain


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We are a group of  DREAMERS   who are committed to the values ​​of  COLLABORATION , SHARED INNOVATION and the value of  PEOPLE  as an engine for change.

We create  COMMUNITIES  composed of people who want to connect with each other. We help companies and professionals to achieve their dreams by providing all the resources they need.

FANGALOKA is a Polynesian word that means « beach «. When we do what we like most, we feel like we are on that Island where everything can happen.

In FANGALOKA we take very seriously who works with us and all our members go through a selection process before being accepted. You will not find a table and a cheap wifi, you will find a community in the best area of ​​the South Zone of Madrid, which will make it possible for your business or idea to grow. 50 meters from MetroSur, 3 bus lines and a large parking area. An unbeatable place to install your studio or professional office.

We work creating projects with large companies, universities, business schools and institutions and we look for great professionals to incorporate them into our job board. We have agreements with Private Equity Funds, Business Angels, and Crowdfunding and Crowdinvestment platforms to finance your projects . We therefore seek to surround you with the best opportunities.

So if you are good people, you have talent and you value collaboration above all, we are waiting for you in our Talent Island.


The COWORKING is a practice that spread very quickly among US freelance and since a few years ago began to expand in Spain and Europe.

For Javier Moral , consultant, specialist and pioneer in Spain in the creation and management of these spaces, a Coworking is a shared and inspiring work space, which promotes and encourages co-creation, and where there is always someone concerned with creating Community and value added. Coworking is the practice by which professionals who do not share neither company nor sector of activity, come together to work together in the same space, but contributing value to each other through the connections generated.

If we are looking for a coworking space , the main objectives are to combat loneliness, and of course, lower our expense bills. But that is only the beginning.

In a COWORKING space we find a much more competitive infrastructure than what we have working in our house. We can have a boardroom and meeting room to receive our customers, a place to separate work and personal life. We can interact with other professionals and share a coffee or some project.

In addition, in a coworking center it is sought that the space and decoration is somewhat "unique", leaving the typical office furniture, and that it is a multifunctional place to develop other types of cultural activities.

The evolution of coworking in recent years has led to the emergence of many spaces that basically cover the needs of having an office at low cost, but there are some spaces that stand out for their involvement at a social level , generating beneficial impacts for their locality and for coworkers that add value, so these spaces become a focus of business, innovation and cause social movement in their areas of influence.


According to wikipedia :

The  co - working,  cooperative work ,  job sharing ,  working in cooperation  or  work in integrated office (English  coworking ) is a way of working that allows freelancers, entrepreneurs and  SMEs  from different sectors share the same workspace, both physical and virtual, to develop their professional projects independently, while promoting joint projects. The   “cotrabajo” 3 neologism is the Spanish translation of the term  coworking . 

The work / coworking allows you to share office and equipment, and is a more elaborate proposal than for example  cybercafes , environments in which you also have an internet connection. 

Cooperative or coworking work fosters stable relationships between professionals from different sectors that can lead to new customer-supplier relationships as well as horizontal exchanges and collaboration between the co-workers themselves. In any case, a feeling of belonging to a community is often generated, beyond the effective links established between the workers who frequent the work spaces. 

Cooperative work centers primarily intended for Internet professionals, designers, programmers, architects, photographers, writers, journalists, and professionals from other disciplines, generally provide an individual desk or sometimes even an office for exclusive or shared use, as well as access to Internet, and other varied services. 

Linked to this concept of permanence within a co-working space, the geographical factor has an important but not definitive role in choosing the most appropriate space. The saving of transport time and its associated cost are benefits that the co-worker / coworking brings to the users of the area in which their domicile is located. 10 Our coworking space in Móstoles , helps professionals in the southern area of ​​Madrid, who should not travel to the capital to find an ecosystem and a very talented community.

Business  incubators  and business centers do not seem to fit too much into the cooperative work model, since they often do not encourage collaborative social-work life, or management practices close to those of a cooperative, including special attention to the community. 11

Cooperative work offers a solution to the isolation problem that the experience of working at home means for many independent workers, or even  micro-enterprises . Today, and after a  boom , the co-working / coworking spaces are specializing, for example, particularly focused on women, creativity-oriented and futuristic projects, focused on issues related to energy and the natural environment, etc. . 12

If you want more information on how Coworking can benefit your entrepreneurial project, we recommend that you watch this report on “The Adventure of Knowledge” by RTVE.

Rate Card:

• Island Pass : € 10 / month
• Nomadic : € 29 / month
• Tourist : € 99 / month
• Traveler : € 139 / month
• Native : € 199 / month
• Visitor : € 20 / day
• Virtual Office : € 39.90 / month
• Móstoles Office - 1 to 2 people : € 450
• Móstoles Office - 3 to 4 people : € 550
• Móstoles Office - From 5 people : € 850

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