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Name: Veidimanna Protum Arquitectos -Madrid - Madrid

Address: Calle del Amor de Dios, Madrid Spain 428014 Spain


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The project is located in Santa Engracia street, Madrid. The architectural idea is presented as a universe of interconnected cells, thin walls of translucent glass, through which it flows, marking a sequence of dreamlike spaces in which the effects of light weightlessness and optical immateriality incorporate into each of the Bubbles a spatial experience.

The program of ophthalmological consultations and waiting rooms are located in the cells, in the interstitial space between them the circulations are organized and the large reception that welcomes newly arrived patients, which are directed to the corresponding cells.

The facade is posed with subtle messages, showing eye diseases and specialties. Access from the street occurs biased, tangential. A large screen with projections outside attracts the attention of the pedestrian.

Formal austerity and the exclusion of all accessories determine space. Only the large amoeba reception lamp and climbing algae provide warmth to the atmosphere.


Belén Moreno Santamaría and Cristina Martín Más carry out their Architecture studies at the Higher Technical School of Architecture in Madrid.

From this period they date a series of projects for which in 1998 they obtain scholarships that allow them to travel to Scandinavia, where, fascinated by the Nordic culture, they begin to analyze the essence of architecture in relation to nature, collaborating with Lund (Sweden ) and Copenhagen (Denmark) with architectural studies.

Veidimanna Protum is founded on the university campus of Otaniemi, Helsinki, in August 2000, during an architecture and urban planning congress. From this moment, Veidimanna Protum decides to return to Spain to put into practice what he has learned.

The objectives are the definition of new types of relationships between architecture and the contemporary cultural situation.

In 2002, after receiving the commission of several architectural projects in Spain - among them several projects by the Spanish designer Pedro del Hierro - they opened another office in Marbella, which together with the one in Madrid formed the two headquarters of the Group.

Currently, Veidimanna Protum develops projects of various kinds by engaging with the client and the architectural project.


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