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Name: Omnivorous - Madrid - Madrid

Address: Calle Sierra del Segura, 22 Local, Madrid Spain 28038 Spain


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OMNIVORS is little bit different from a usual coworking space. It is defined as a creative workshop of high performance crative production. In other words, it is a special place designed for professionals who work in developing projects by using different materials, such as wood, metal and concrete. OMNIVORS offers the tools and the space needed for these kind of projects and members can access the resources individually or as a group. The workshop located in Madrid offers a studio, a multipurpose area and a shared office. If you are interested in a place like this, OMNIVORS is the answer!

WORKSHOP (center of elaboration and resources) 

Omnivorous workshop is a space of productive resources endowed with professional tool to elaborate projects in multitude of materials. It is managed by a non-profit cultural association and all the benefit that is generated from the use by its partners, reverts directly into the space: maintaining it, improving it, expanding it and consolidating it. 

It is prepared for fields ranging from work in metal and wood, through concrete, resins, mechanics, electricity, electronics, photography ... However, it is governed by the maximum "workshop makes workshop" and therefore, the demand for needs drives its growth in new areas or technical improvements.




Access to productive resources is open to all members in a manner similar to access to library funds. Workshop members make use of them in a particular or collective way. In this way, the space is a solidarity meeting place but at the same time remains neutral in terms of the elaboration of a global discourse that makes sense of the workshop. What is really important is the management of the facilities and tools, since this gives the system a container that trains initiatives without interfering with them. 

From the outset, a self-sufficient workshop format was chosen, so that its continuity did not need external support, aid or subsidies. With this approach there is no possibility that it will become dependent on contingent factors. 





We have rehabilitated and adapted a workspace of 200 square meters that we define as a high-performance creative production workshop. This project is a personal initiative that arises from the closure and grouping of several workshops and private studies, as well as the conviction that the resources that we have provided for our work can be offered to other people who may need them, looking for a suitable environment for it. 

The workshop has a multipurpose area of ​​heavy work, a work laboratory dedicated to more delicate tasks, a clean study, a multipurpose area, and an office that we will share with other associative management projects. You will also have a storage area.


RESOURCES: elevated light sockets, parallel beams 2.5 meters high to hang elements. 
FURNITURE: tables and chairs and projection area 
Entrance space and exhibition of billed objects in the production space. 
It also acts as a multi-purpose area for workshops and meetings.


RESOURCES: clean battery, small refrigerator, microwave, espresso machine, kettle, sandwich maker, glasses, plates and cutlery. 
FURNITURE: tables, chairs and projection area. 
Space physically linked to zone one, but visually differentiable and independent by elements. 
It can be used as a single space together with zone 1.


RESOURCES: those properly stored. 
FURNITURE: shelves. 
Height storage space for finished items or pending processing.

RESOURCES: clean battery with hot water, toilet, shower, coat rack, lockers and first aid kit. 
Bathroom completely renovated and diaphanous.


RESOURCES AREA : Free zone integrated in the workshop area but independent, in addition to a height of 4 meters, its characteristic in the whole of the workshop is its level of polished cement floor. It has a large wall for multipurpose set, floor and height light shots (soon specialized media for photography) 
FURNITURE: stairs, borriquetas, chair and tables.

RESOURCE TRANSIT ZONE : large cleaning pylon and hoses. 
Space that communicates all areas of the workshop with the bathroom and storage area. Welcomes the work pylon for general cleaning tasks.

RESOURCES DEPOSIT AREA : Woods, irons and collected items. 
Workshop storage area for unprocessed items and for use in it.

RESOURCES WORKSHOP : Mobile work tables, transportable tool bench, borriquetas and boards. 
Intermediate zone between specific work zones. Designed as an assistant space for all of them.


RESOURCES: fixed table screw, welders, radial cutting and roughing, other tools. 
FURNITURE: Iron benches for metal work. 
Space specially designed for metal work.

RESOURCES: fixed telescopic miter and mobile miter with upper cutting table, cast steel drill tower, marquetry saw, and other hand tools. 
FURNITURE: Wooden benches for woodworking. 
Space specially designed for woodworking.

RESOURCES WORKSHOP : special work clean area 
FURNITURE: multipurpose wooden bench. 
The electromechanical carpentry is a clean area of ​​the heavy workshop, designed for delicate work, and related to electricity, electronics and mechanics.



- Work tables and chairs 
- Wi-Fi connection by fiber optic 

- saw 
- handsaw 
- wood 
- ball hammers - mace 
- hand ax 
- pliers 
- pliers 
- screwdrivers 
- spatulas 
- caliber 
- sergeants - 25cm (x10) 
- sergeants - 30cm (x10) 
- sergeants - 50cm (x4) 
- sergeants - 70cm (x2) 
- sergeants - 100cm (x4) 
- sergeants - 200cm (x1) 
- pressure tapes - 400cm (x3) 
- table screws 
- small handle 
press - pull out press
- tin soldering iron 
- multimeter 

MACHINERY polishing machine : 
- electrode welding group (x2) 
- telescopic fixed miter 
- mobile miter with upper cutting 
table - table tower for hand drill 
- cast steel drill tower with mechanical reduction 
- marquetry saw 
- pneumatic hammer drill 
- drill (x3) 
- stand-alone screwdriver (x2) 
- hand held saw (x2) 
- continuous belt sander (x2) 
- eccentric sander 
- heat gun, strippers (x2) 
- silicone gun thermal 
- jig (x2) 
- grinder, for cutting and roughing (x2)
- automatic wood brush 
- hand 
- held tupi - emery 
- straight grinder with small grinding wheel (x2) 
- broiler 
- compressor 
- vacuum cleaner


Rate Card:

• Hot Desk / Open Plan Seating (1 Day) : EUR 30.00
• Hot Desk / Open Plan Seating (1 Month) : EUR 150.00

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