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Name: Coworking La Fabrica - Madrid - Cuatro Caminos

Address: Four Way Roundabout, 6 6th, Madrid Spain 28020 Spain


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Office rental Cuatro Caminos

The Cuatro Caminos Factory is a business center where you can  opt to rent offices and private offices in Cuatro Caminos, Madrid, just above the same roundabout of Cuatro Caminos. 
Our four-way space is located in a preferred location, just five minutes walk from the  famous street of Orense, street where the most prestigious stores and shops are present and, where large companies are concerned with establishing their offices. You will discover a wide range of bars and restaurants and the rental of your office on four roads will be complete. In terms of communication it is difficult to overcome how well connected your office will be on four roads, since you have very close the Cuatro Caminos, Alvarado and Nuevos Ministerios metro stops

The rental of offices  in La Fabrica Cuatro Caminos, includes personally assisted reception service, the advantage of growing with the possibility of renting adjoining offices,  continuing to expand, open areas where you can find dialogue and other work environment, the use of rooms of meetings , virtual office, reception of parcels and mail, porter and security 24 hours, as well as  private parking  in the same building, and public just 2 minutes walk.

Location Coworking Offices Four Ways

Metro: Cuatro Caminos (Lines 1, 2 and 6) 1 minute walk, Alvarado (Line 1) 4 minutes walk, Nuevos Ministerios (Lines 6, 8 and 10) 5 minutes walk.

Neighborhood: New Ministries (C1, C2, C3, C4, C7 and C8)

Buses: Four Way Roundabout (C1, C2, F, 3, 37, 45, 49 ,, 124, 127, 128, 149), 1 minute walk.

Parking available

Area available for bikes


Services Coworking Offices Four Ways

Office staff

The Factory and its staff are always attentive to your needs.


Recurring Cleaning Service.


Professional reprography zone.


High speed Internet both WIFI and cable connection in all common areas and private offices.


Vending machines to enjoy and have a good coffee, infusions, drinks and food.

Meeting rooms

Available 1 meeting room with capacity for up to 8 people at your disposal.

Common zones

Our common areas are perfect for enjoying a good conversation or working relaxed.


Business center in Madrid center

Our business centers are located in the Financial Center of Madrid , in Plaza de Castilla, Glorieta de Quevedo, Glorieta de Cuatro Caminos and Av. De Brasil, where you have different public transports to offer you the best communication. Come to visit us and you will discover a coworking space where you will work in the best possible environment and with facilities that will make your day to day very pleasant.


Coworking spaces The Factory

In our coworking spaces  in Madrid  you will have the right to both an open or closed workspace, office rental , and meeting rooms, common areas where you can relax, rest and share ideas. In our philosophy we like to emphasize that we are not only a coworking space where we can carry out the work, we also want each coworker to have a unique experience, which can meet other coworkers to learn from and to collaborate professionally, what We have achieved that the stay in La Fábrica improves the commercial experience and fosters relations between companies.

Our coworkings are modern, spacious and functional spaces, which also have large windows overlooking Plaza de Castilla, the courts, the park of Avenida de Brasil, the Glorieta de Quevedo and the Glorieta de Cuatro Caminos, which provide plenty of light natural, what makes our spaces optimal and harmonious places. In addition, we are located in buildings with more than 100 companies within them, with which you can network, in addition to collaborating with all the coworkers that you will meet in your new space, do you miss something in the Coworking La Fábrica? Then tell us! Our maxim is to make coworkers just have to worry about working.


More services of our Madrid coworking

We also have the service of Virtual Office, Meeting rooms , Telephone booths, office rental from 2 people and up to 12 people, micro roasted coffee, parking inside the same building, among many other advantages for the convenience of our coworkers and feel The Factory as your home.


Rate Card:

• Desk 1 Person : € 200 / month
• BIG (10 people with screen) : € 15 / h
• 10H BONUS (Large room) : € 140
• Office - 2 Posts : € 500 / month
• Office - 4 Posts : € 1000 / month
• Office - 5 Posts : € 1250 / month
• Office - 6 Posts : € 1500 / month
• Office - 8 Posts : € 2000 / month
• Office - 10 Posts : € 2500 / month
• Office - 12 Posts : € 3000 / month

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