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Name: JustCo - Seoul - The Pinnacle Gangnam

Address: 343, Hakdong-ro, Gangnam-gu, Seoul South Korea 06060 Korea (South)


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Justco is located in Dufinac Gangnam, in the heart of Gangnam commercial district, the world's fastest growing area, easily accessible by underground passage from Gangnam-gu Office Station. The area has a bank, a hotel, and several commercial buildings for convenient work.

Dupinnacle Gangnam uses two floors with an area of ​​more than 1,900 square meters. The gorgeous glass facade shows Justco members and guests a 360-degree panorama of the bustling streets of Seoul. Ideal for businesses and entrepreneurs of all sizes, they can work in their own suite or hot desk space. Functional and stylish meeting rooms , phone booths , relaxation area and a games room is a community within the networking and collaboration to encourage help .

From Cheongdam Station: Go straight 50m to the right of Gangnam-gu Office Station From Hakdong Station: Go straight 800m to the left

Directly connected to Exit 3 of Gangnam-gu Office Station on Subway Line 7 Directly to Exit 3-1 of Gangnam-gu Office Station on Subway Line 7

Opening 3Q 2019



Inhouse Barista

Hand drip coffee, other drinks and delicious refreshments



We have some snacks you can enjoy ($)


Internal entertainment

Table Football & Game Room


Event space

Versatile space for all kinds of events


Meeting room

Meeting rooms of different sizes are available for individual meetings, presentations, and more


Phone booth

It is a phone booth space that can be used alone



Conveniently store and use your personal belongings ($)


Mother's Room

Breastfeeding room in the workplace for comfort and privacy


24/7 access and security

Available 24 hours a day


Postal service

Postal service


High speed internet

Safe and convenient high speed WiFi


IT support

Technical support for troubleshooting computer related issues


Printing facilities and office supplies

Office printers, photocopiers, and plenty of office supplies


Cleaning service

Environmental support team keeps shared space, meeting rooms, and private suites clean



Coffee, tea and water are available for you and your guests.




Networking sessions and events cover a variety of topics including business, technology, lifestyle, retail, and more.


Business Services

Justco offers a range of professional services from trusted business partners to help you grow your business.


Exclusive promotions

We offer special offers to our members in collaboration with selected lifestyle brands.


Hi! Welcome to Justco, a New Concept Workspace

Just nose connectivity (connectivity), ie connectivity business success that force the idea on the basis was built . Just the nose is a member inter- collaboration , creativity and innovation to accelerate work space designed for a lot of time and effort spent studying and , freelancers , start-ups , existing businesses , such as the size , regardless of the perfect personalized work space solutions provide .


Why just nose

·         Asia up to the network by establishing co-working with spaces , Asia many in the city 's expansion has . Thus , it capped when the center of the selection is wide even wider .

·         Short- and long-term membership plans provide the flexibility your business requires .

·         We will help you understand the needs of your work. Just the nose Training Academy (JustCo Center of Excellenceheld ) in education who dedicated community team, IT, security , secretary, business , such as services to support because the customer is the business focus can you .

·         In the workplace health and productivity, to optimize for ergonomic design of high quality chairs and furniture to invest .


Justco Community

Just the nose is a member Once , several of the countries major cities spans the growth that continued just the nose to the community automatically be joined . Members are active on the network , as a member business growth for a variety of collaborative opportunities more easily meet can you .

Just the nose is business -related discussions , movie watching , yoga classes , networking , etc. Members of intensive various regular events screened offers . Just the nose is to provide a regular meeting day of play perfectly balanced through and learn networking to be that great a chance to provide .

As well , many of the partners cooperation with members enjoy be in the privileges and benefits exclusive offers .

Asia only cultural experience can be in warmth and kindness , and graciousness of with service mindset community team members and guests to the heart with all mosipnida . The work place like home comfortable feel business is needs to be solved can help the community team the best will do .

In addition , the center organizes food- related events in time for Korea's unique holidays and anniversaries . Samjitnal there and slash-and-burn with the spring air welcomed , boknal has a chicken soup to heat and send away . Pepero Day, also Pepero forget not taste can you . Such members have one year -round at-Western to celebrate holidays , of course , South Korea holidays , anniversaries , etc. Yes colorful and fun activities and events to participate You can .


Work space with fashion and function

Just nose design philosophy centered simplicity , quality , and the productivity . Members of comfort and well-being very conscious Just the nose is the best quality steel case with chairs , tables and office only households sticking . Space planners and interior with designer constructed in-house team to our customers an ideal environment to provide for the most attentive to the part I think . Just the nose in all the spaces of creativity to promote for murals and As works of art were decorated , comfort , collaboration and community for the environment, to provide for designed .

Just the nose of Korea , each center is Korea 's unique vibrancy and energy felt able in paintings and colors , such as South Korea's rich cultural and traditional heritage represented artistic elements modern design blends are .


Ideal enterprise solution

Justco plans and builds workspaces of any size. No matter how big the space is. Justco continues to open centers throughout Asia. As a result, customers will have the opportunity to work with Justco to grow their business and leverage the broader network. As your network grows, more and more members have more opportunities to interact and collaborate. Contact Justco's Enterprise 360 ​​team to create your ideal workspace.

Contact now

Book your center tour in Justco today. An in-center support team listens to your business needs and finds a completely customized workspace solution.

Rate Card:

• Justdesk Unlimited : From ₩ 269,000 / month
• Just Desk Dedicated : From ₩ 369,000 / month
• Just Studio : From ₩ 565,000 / month

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