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Name: JustCo - Taipei City - Hongtai Financial Building

Address: No. 156, Section 3, Minsheng East Road, Songshan District (9-10th Floor), Taipei City Taiwan Taiwan


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The Hongtai Financial Building is located in a prime location in Songshan District, Taipei. It is surrounded by public transportation and is close to modern conveniences such as banks, fitness centers, department stores, cafes and restaurants. The living and business functions are perfect.

Entering the JustCo Center of Hongtai Financial Building, which covers an area of ​​1,400 ping, the spacious two-story space is on the way to the modern staircase. The center features a luxurious community-wide public area with lounge area, event and entertainment space, and a well-stocked food storage room that all members are free to use. The interior of the center not only has a sunny, stylishly designed work space and meeting rooms, but also a hidden private telephone booth that perfectly reflects the comfort and quality of the office environment. In addition, the comfortable and eye-catching reception area and unparalleled facilities make it possible for members to experience the wonderful time of communication in the exciting events and web conferences that are held regularly, and to inspire the spark of innovation.




Delicate snacks for you and visitors, enjoy a relaxing time ($)


Indoor entertainment facility

Hand football table and game room


Activity space

Comfortable and spacious, multi-space, flexible to meet the needs of various activities


meeting room

Meeting rooms of different sizes for private discussions, presentations and meetings


Private telephone booth

Concealed space, you can talk and chat with peace of mind, and you can have your own corner in an open environment.


Nursery room

Set up a nursing room in a comfortable working space to provide a safe and friendly space for mothers


Access control system and security protection all day

You and your team members can enter and leave the center at any time, free to arrange working hours and use various services.


Mail processing service

Provide convenient and intimate mail delivery service to meet your diverse needs


High speed network

Fast, secure and easy to use Wi-Fi


IT support

Help solve computer related technical problems, so that you can work without worry


Printing equipment and office supplies

You can use your corporate printers, photocopiers, and stocked office supplies with your heart and soul.



Free coffee and tea, warm hospitality to all visitors


Cleaning Services

We have the most professional cleaning team to bring you spotless shared spaces, meeting rooms and private offices.


rights and interests


Regular networking meetings and exciting events, including business, technology, lifestyle and retail, with a variety of topics


business services

We will arrange a series of professional services to enable trusted business partners to help you develop your career.


Exclusive promotion

A selection of lifestyle brands and exclusive discounts for members


JustCo, your high quality co-working space

JustCo provides a comfortable and stylish co-working space for freelancers and new entrepreneurial teams in Songshan District, Taipei. 
Free and innovative shared office, high-quality facilities and benefits, let you connect to the community, 24 hours of creative and uninterrupted.


Choose JustCo for a new work experience

  • Flexible membership program, long-term short-term no burden
  • The base is across Asia, and you can work at any JustCo center on a business trip.
  • Exclusive IT, community and management team
  • Ergonomic table and chairs, healthy working environment
  • 24-hour all-weather access control system

Select JustCo to connect to the community

The JustCo shared office is located in major cities across Asia, providing opportunities for member communities to grow and grow. Regular gatherings include business meetings, film screenings, yoga classes and internet communication. The JustCo community has the following advantages:

  • International member community
  • Organize multiple social events on a regular basis
  • The perfect balance between work and play


Choose JustCo, a practical and stylish office

The JustCo shared office is built by professional interior space planners and interior design teams. The exterior is grand and elegant, and the interior is elegant and simple, with a beautiful view of Taipei. The following devices are available in the shared space:

  • Spacious event space
  • In-house entertainment
  • Ergonomic table and chair
  • Mail processing service
  • Dim sum tea space
  • Free high speed internet


JustCo, your ideal business solution

JustCo's common work space is based on the needs of the company, to obtain the preferred material furniture, especially for small or large offices. There are four flexible membership options to choose from, for workplace freedom, short-term or long-term contracts, and office facility needs.

Check the space now and make an appointment to visit

Explore JustCo's presence in Asia and let JustCo understand your needs and plan the perfect office space for you.


Rate Card:

• JustDesk Shared Desk : NT $5,000/month
• JustDesk Exclusive Desk : NT $6,500/month
• JustStudio Independent Office : NT $10,000/month

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