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Name: Le Well Lab - Paris - Paris

Address: 10 rue Renaudes, Paris France 75017 France


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Why us ?

A stone's throw from the Etoile, the Well Lab is a coworking space located in a central neighborhood that brings coworkers closer to their clients.


Well Lab members (Wellers) can benefit from a group coaching every 15 days by a professional coach to develop their business and find creative solutions


The Wellers participate in the life of the place by offering events to their customers or the community twice a year.


The Well Lab is a collaborative workspace on a human scale. It promotes mutual help and exchanges.


At Well Lab, Wellers are encouraged to connect and develop their network.


At the Well Lab, we create a community by building on the synergies of the Wellers and pooling our efforts.


The community


Every 15 days, Julia Kalfon organizes accompaniment sessions for the Wellers. Together, we help each other, we pit, we prepare, we find solutions, we test, we share, we discuss, we challenge, we act and we advance its activity:

A real coworking concept!

Julia Kalfon, creative facilitator, consultant and coach, draws on the creative diversity of the Wellers to support them.



For its events, the venue is available to each Weller twice a year. Wellers can organize up to two events per year with customers, prospects or just for the community. A little deja, a meet up, an experiment to put in place? The Well Lab serves the Wellers.



The Well Lab welcomes you in the heart of the district of Ternes, close to the Parc Monceau, the Poncelet market and a block from the Place de l'Etoile.

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Entrepreneurship is a world where it is sometimes difficult to move forward, where one can feel discouraged. In fact, either we suffer the downsizing of motivation or diet, or we make the judicious choice to exit our bubble and open ourselves to the outside world to seek support. But where can we find this support? What would help us find the resources to solve a difficult professional issue?


What is the entrepreneur looking for?

Would our diet decrease be related to our environment? We all want to work in a motivating and pleasant environment, a place where we feel good. Looking further, we end up finding a recurring term in our research: coworking. It is true that in a shared workspace, we meet most of the time, but a question arises: "Coworkings, I can find everywhere in Paris! No, what do I really need? ". Only one answer: the accompaniment. Evolving with others is more effective than being discouraged alone. To develop our membership of a community, to stir up differences and to advance our projects. That's what we need!


We do not know how to start

Imagine that we are in the beginning of activity. It's hard for us to know everything from the start. We decide to dig the term "accompaniment".Here, looking for a little more, we can read "building a business model".We should start there. We discover a name: "The Company". This space invites us to join a cycle to build a business model. Since we start an activity, it's perfect. With this help, we will have no trouble finding our guideline, just enter their cycle and find the necessary elements to start.We save time and it is not neglected.


Once the business model is finished, how to continue in this activity without being comfortable with laws or figures? There must be a way, let's continue our research.  After a few minutes of prospecting, we found "L'entreprendre", a coworking that specializes in legal and accounting assistance. This is what we needed: an outside perspective that brings its expertise to advance our situation, help us make the right decisions at the right time, push us to control our tax / accounting with powerful tools, and especially enjoy a workspace! We will not have any reason to be blocked at the beginning and will continue our project serenely.


Let's continue digging

Now that we have a good foundation, we can continue our project! But something is missing. We know how to start, but not how to continue.Refusing to go back to zero, we decide to refine our research on support. Coworking, coworking, coachworking ... Kézako? "The Well Lab". Coachworking, would it mean coaching activity in a coworking space? It's really interesting and that's what we were looking for! We need constructive criticism, to highlight the important points of our activity, to work in groups! This coworking promises to grow humanly and methodologically. We come out of our bubble, and we open to the outside world. A great step of franchie!


Then we ask ourselves new questions: "What if we needed individual help? ". Always more questions, which bring more research. If we are looking for personalized help, Remix Cowrking offers mentoring support. What is their mentoring? Let's explore ... let's continue ... found! We have the opportunity to create our own community project with the help of a mentor who can monitor our progress and help us make progress on issues we would have questions about. So they are really dedicated to their community and it's good for our business. We have the answers to our question and decide to take the next step.


We arrive at the best

We know how to start an activity and we are supported in this advancement. Only one last thing is missing. Indeed, having an outside look is good, but if we ourselves could discover how to take this step back, it would be better. You know the procedure to follow: always more questions, which bring more research. What if we look further at "The Well Lab"? "Work in a back-and-forth way through creativity" A new term we had not met before. What would be the relationship between creativity and support? Coachworking then explains that creativity suggests approaching complex concepts in a simple way. It is there to facilitate understanding and to express ourselves differently. The goal is to submit to a creative state of mind to learn, understand improvise and adapt. Use creative techniques to unlock situations, find new ideas and consider new solutions! In one word: awesome. By making our creativity speak, we can take a step back to better progress. And that's what we missed.


But how to express this creativity? We imagine that it must be used through something concrete? Yes Yes. Question = research. Creativity, creativity ... workshops! Nextdoor coworking proposes to use creativity to focus on a single problem. It's perfect to have a framework to talk about our creativity. Have a problem to which we strive to respond in a limited time using different techniques of inventiveness! We discover that workshops make us think and make decisions.


This time we went around. The coaching in the coworking spaces showed us how to start an activity. But also how to surround yourself to evolve your project. And finally, how to know how to take a step back to make the right decisions. Finally, we managed to open ourselves to the world thanks to coworkings that offer us the opportunity to surround ourselves with good people. To travel towards new horizons, to exchange with them and especially, to share our opinions. It was a rewarding journey and full of good surprises.

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