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Name: La Cordee - Nantes - Foure

Address: 32bis rue Fouré (at the end of the courtyard), Nantes France 44000 France


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La Cordée de Nantes opened in November 2016 and welcomes a joyful and welded community in a bright room, which would contain (apparently) a pretty terrace, in the heart of the Fouré street.


- A loft with terrace

- A bike area where we discuss

- The friendly space

- At lunch time

- From the height under the light

- The sun through the canopy



More than a coworking space, La Cordée is a community . Our members come to share convivial moments, to  discuss their projects, to  work together, to continue to learn,  or simply to  laugharound a coffee. We organize with them many events so that everyone can find the contact, help or support they need.

Among the ropes of Nantes, as in other Cordées in Lyon, Annecy, Paris and Rennes, we find everything: entrepreneurs, freelancers, employees ... and among them many sportsmen and lovers of good food (yes c is compatible)!



Cécile is known for her word games (more or less successful), her passion for tea (which she regularly tries to curb), cycling and aperitifs.

If you want to discuss environment, she will be happy to exchange with you.



We wanted to make coworking as flexible and accessible as possible:  hourly and even second rate pricing: everyone pays for the time they spend in La Cordée, precisely measured thanks to the access badge which gives them access to all Strung 24/24 7/7!



The adventure began at the end of 2011 and the team now has 18 members! We sharpen our skills on a daily basis: community animation,  support for project leaders  ,  human and ecological developments .

Inspired by the principles of self-governance and horizontality, we are building a Swiss knife organization   in the service of a better world.

We love to discuss our vision of the work in Cordées, during events, on social networks and on our blog, do not hesitate to contact us!



The roped is the members of La Cordée , who are entrepreneurs , freelancers , employees , job seekers , students ... in all areas, men and women, young and old, we let you imagine the diversity of paths encountered!

They come to La Cordée to (to choose or at the same time) discuss their projects, work , learn , find customers and partners or laugh together around a good meal.

Nomads between different coworking spaces, we can meet them in Lyon, Paris, Annecy, Rennes, Nantes, in Beaujolais ... or even at the turn of a TGV!



Those who join us on the road are so numerous that it would be difficult to mention them all: communities , collectives of independent, networks of entrepreneurs, local associations , social enterprises , public institutions , researchers , communities ...

In any case, a big thank you to them!

La Cordée being a company, we should mention that it has among its stakeholders : co-founders Julie and Michael since 2011, a small group of Lyon entrepreneurs and the Caisse des dépôts et consignations since 2015.

Rate Card:

• Membership Fee : 29 € / month
• Hourly Rate : € 3 / hour
• Monthly Ceiling : 248 € / month

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