Tue, Oct 27 2020

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Name: Digital Village - Strasbourg - Strasbourg

Address: 13 rue du Maréchal Foch, Strasbourg France 67000 France


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A concentrate of new technologies in Strasbourg. 
Our design and friendly workspace brings together experts in digital and virtual reality.


Located at 13, rue du Maréchal Foch, near the Place de la République, the premises are easily accessible by tram line C / E and D, but also by bus line 10 from the station 

The offices are equipped with a fully equipped kitchen, a meeting room / relaxation area, a bathroom. The common areas are used to receive artists' exhibitions. We welcome up to 12 talented villagers and their goodies.

Digital Technology has become omnipresent and it is hard to find one's way through it. This is why we have imagined Digital Village, the first place dedicated to digital only.

We gather in one place, all the skills, to help you create your digital products.

- 117 experts

- 6 rentals in France

- 526 projects


Digitize yourself

At Digital Village, choosing the best experts to answer your digital transition is a matter we take very seriously. Our teams intervene all the way from your project's conception until their production.

Educate yourself

The following are some of the major challenges that have come to the fore. We believe in short, practical and accessible trainings. Designed by our experts, they are accessible to job seeker or freelancer.

Gather yourselves

We re-establish the real coworking. We work together! Being the first place dedicated to digital, we gather the experts in your area.

Be accompanied

Not only do we get along with your business model, but we have also created the first start-up where entrepreneurs are being offered a production capacity to genuinely achieve their digital projects, thanks to our experts.

Rate Card:

• Fixed Formula : 230 € ht per month
• Nomadic Formula : 130 € ht per month

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