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Name: La Ruche - Paris - Paris

Address: 24 Rue de l'Est, Paris France 75020 France


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La Ruche Paris welcomes project leaders driven by social entrepreneurship, digital technology, crafts and culture.

La Ruche offers solutions tailored to each actor and at all levels of development through closed offices and numerous open spaces.

With 3200m² dedicated to the positive economy and a terrace of more than 200m², La Ruche Paris has the ambition to become the flagship of social innovation open and connected to large companies and public authorities.


... looking for a place to work serenely while enjoying stimulating interactions with peers?

La Ruche values ​​social innovation, and welcomes a wide variety of audiences: entrepreneurs, associations, employees, teleworkers, freelancers, intrapreneurs ... Everyone has a place, and benefits from the All Inclusive formula!

La Ruche is a collaborative coworking space where change actors meet, and share skills and resources. It's about providing a place for professional development and personal growth for anyone who has a positive impact initiative for society.

Come and work in the living laboratory of social innovation!

All our coworkers benefit from: 
+ Internet (Fiber & WIFI) 
+ Unlimited access to the printer (NB) 
+ Access to 9 meeting rooms from 8 to 90 m² 
+ A terrace of 220m² 
+ A kitchen, a tea room and a bathroom siesta 
+ Tea and coffee self-service 
+ Training 
sessions + Access to the space for your events 
+ The Inter-Ruche: days offered to work in the Network Hives 
+ A national network of professionals 
- 30% on your first year of membership in MOUVES



Are you carrying a project and want to be accompanied near you?



Do you want to inject a dynamic of social innovation into your company or your employees?



Do you want to engage with us and support innovation and entrepreneurship in the territories?



La Ruche was born in 2008 with the conviction that a responsible and collaborative society was possible. Its mission was to  bring together all those working on innovative responses to the most complex social and environmental challenges.

Today, it brings together a learning community of more than 1,000 entrepreneurs and innovators of the positive economy connected to a knowledge exchange platform!

In  10 years, the network of Ruches has expanded, now having 9 spaces in France, more than 5 500 square meters dedicated to social entrepreneurship.



La Ruche is a network of incubators dedicated to social innovation. Its action includes co-working, incubation,  events,  but also the establishment of major partnerships alongside major groups such as Google, Orange or BNP Paribas.

At La Ruche, we believe that each actor can have a social, societal or environmental impact regardless of their economic situation, geographical situation, gender or origin. Our ambition is to encourage the birth and deployment of impact projects throughout the country, including in large companies, taking into account the existing brakes.



The resolution of major societal challenges is based on the understanding of territories, their singularities and their commonalities.

This is why La Ruche builds ecosystems favorable to the hatching and the swarming of ideas and projects with impact by relying on the social and economic dynamics of the territories and the local actors - big and small companies, powers public authorities.

Do you carry a third-place project and share our values? Are you an elected, a big company, or just want to join the Hive's adventure? Contact us!

Rate Card:

• Closed Office : from 1000 € HT / month
• Full Time Formula : 350 € HT / Month
• Mid-Time Formula : 235 € HT / Month
• Quart Time Formula : 145 € HT / Month
• Full Time Business Formula : 500 € HT / Month

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