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Name: Intencity - Clichy - Clichy

Address: 6 Rue d'Estienne d'Orves, Clichy France 92110 France


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The incubator Clichy Intencity welcomes on 2000 m² small businesses with very varied profiles ranging from crafts to business services through small industry or prototyping. The incubator Clichy is located less than 3 minutes walk from the metro Mairie de Clichy. Parking and daily services such as the Post Office are also nearby. The incubator Clichy offers services in the office as workshops, shared or individual, for craftsmen or small production. Spaces are suitable for manufacturing as well as light storage. 

Two meeting rooms with 6 to 12 seats are available to receive customers, suppliers or partners.

You can prepare and take your meals in the large fully equipped kitchen!

Natural light in all workspaces, zenith in workshops that have a very high ceiling.

Three types of spaces are available in Clichy:

● office space in an open space of 200 m² 
● space of 10 m², 20 m² or 30 m² in a shared 
workshop of 150 m² ● individual workshop of 25 m² or 50 m²

The support services offered by the incubator in Clichy are organized by appointment and are included in the price. We work with companies with a wide range of profiles and our clients benefit, beyond the support and advice we can offer, from contacts and experience sharing with other corporate clients of our other business incubators.



-In access 24/24, 7/7 
-Internet access 
-Electricity distributed and can supply water 
storage -Racks in shared workshops 
-Bathroom Meeting 
large kitchen -Very 
-Inputs vehicles for loading / unloading 
-Accompaniment your projects by the Intencity team



The office space open space on 400 m² is very bright. 
Natural lighting south and north by large windows.

-the space can be occupied as an individual office in an open space of 200 m²

- there are also small rooms for 3/4 people



The workshop space offers a rental of individual workshops of about 50 m² on the ground as shared spaces from 10 m² on the ground in larger workshops. Very good height under ceiling (from 4 m to 5.5 m) and zenithal natural lighting.



-Office offices, up to 10-15 people

-A small office for 3-4 people

-Some places in shared workshops


3 minutes walk from the metro Marie de Clichy (line 13). 
Bus 54, 341, 274.



Rate Card:

• Shared Office : 250 euros HT / month for a post
• Workshop (about 10 m² net floor) : 400 euros HT / month
• Workshop (about 50 m² net floor) : 1400 euros HT / month

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Work and Share Coworking - Clichy - Clichy Work and Share Coworking - Clichy - Clichy
6 Rue des Bateliers, Clichy
France 92110 France