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Name: BeeoTop - Paris - Paris

Address: 14 boulevard de Douaumont , Paris France 75017 France


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Animation of spaces

A true crossroads of co-construction, the BeeoTop offers its inhabitants spaces of exchanges and animations to facilitate the contacts, the pollination of the ideas: P'titDej, Apéros, Repar'Lab, TopCafés ... 


Undertake otherwise

A collaborative blog by the inhabitants of BeeoTop about their daily life, their job and the new ways of working ... 


Office spaces

2,000 m² of office space is rented in a functional building, benefiting from great clarity and adapted services:

  • Divisible spaces in offices
  • Internet access and telephony by cable: fiber building
  • Shared meeting rooms
  • Spaces of conviviality arranged: equipped kitchens, corners coffee, refrigerators, freezers, etc.

Welcome, security, cleanliness


Attractive conditions:

  • No deposit
  • Low rents on the basis of 230 euros HT / m² / year (precise pricing on request: see contact below)
  • Flexible lease of short duration, cancellable on each anniversary date
  • Possibility of renting parking spaces



Have you always dreamed of working on a ping pong table?

Join the coworking of BeeoTop! A clear, colorful, warm open space in a sporty atmosphere ...

  • 30 workstations,
  • Internet: optical fiber
  • B / W printer and colors
  • Access to meeting rooms
  • Equipped spaces of conviviality available: equipped kitchens, coffee corners, refrigerators, freezers, etc.
  • Welcome, security, cleanliness
  • Telephone on request: with additional cost


Who can become coworker at BeeoTop?

Coworking BeeoTop welcomes entrepreneurs, self-employed, self-entrepreneurs, consultants, TPE ... actors or not of the social economy and solidarity.


Attractive conditions:

  • Telephone rental: 27.59 euros HT / month
  • Parking space :
  • Service contract terminable at any time: two months notice


Event space for your seminars, your conferences ...

Organize your professional events at Beeotop and enjoy an atypical space in an innovative place!

The BeeoTop is a space dedicated to the actors of sustainable development and societal innovation where we offer rental office space, coworking and event space.

Seminars, cocktail parties, conferences, general meetings, study day ... The Beeotop event space is fully equipped to make each of your events a success!

Far from the anonymous conference rooms, you will receive a personalized welcome and will meet outstanding entrepreneurs.


More than a building, the BeeoTop brings together a community of actors who share values ​​of solidarity, public interest and social and environmental responsibility. It is a place of sharing and meetings that favor different moments of conviviality, exchange of knowledge or pooling.

- Top Kfé

- Little Breakfast

- Internal workshops

- Top Parties

- conferences

- Welfare

- Top Kfe

The BeeoTop organizes workshops delivered by Generali employees or professionals from the ESS or CSR sector. These workshops are offered as a breakfast and are open to all, BeeoTop residents or outsiders. Free, they are an opportunity for the actors of the associative and entrepreneurial world to reinforce their skills in fields as varied as the communication, the marketing, the commercial techniques, the insurance, etc.

It happened at BeeoTop:

  • How to boost your business? with Philippe Cosse
  • Social networks at the service of your business with Jean-Philippe Henry
  • What's new on the ESS side? with Solange-Astrid Marle
  • Mandatory health coverage with Geoffroy Eynaud de Faÿ
  • Put in place an affinity approach with François Garreau
  • Are you aware of the risks associated with your business with Jean-Pierre Mailhan?


The Lil '

Upon the arrival of a new inhabitant, a breakfast is proposed to present to the community that makes up the BeeoTop, its greatest wealth. Around a café and a croissant, we learn to know each other's activity and we create a link.

In-house workshops

When the skills of one serve others. And the skills at BeeoTop are not lacking! Each month, a resident offers the rest of the community a workshop around one of his skills. In-house workshops are based on the exchange of skills. These moments are reserved exclusively for other inhabitants. They are based on the variety of activities and diversity of BeeoTop personalities.

It happened at BeeoTop:

  • Commercial success by Ferdinand Bézu (Clikeco)
  • The powers of the brand by Bruno David (Communication Without Borders)
  • Networking by Vincent David (The Public Utility Relations Agency)
  • The canvas business model with Jérôme Lhote (Koom)
  • Group facilitation techniques with Marjolaine Curis (Civic Service Institute)
  • How to organize a responsible event? with Grégoire Decaux (Inspirience)
  • Writing for the web with Fanny Roux (Youphil)


Top Parties

The BeeoTop organizes informal meetings to allow the inhabitants to get to know each other in a pleasant and relaxed environment. Monthly aperitif, summer picnic, barbecue, communal meal ... So many festive moments that punctuate BeeoTop's life!


With an event room that can accommodate up to 100 people, the BeeoTop offers conferences, seminars, days of reflection based on values ​​defended by the inhabitants. Environment, integration, the fight against exclusion, the economies of tomorrow, new ways of working, international solidarity, the fight against waste ... are all subjects debated.

In the perspective of COP21, the BeeoTop, RUP, Inspirience and the Ile-de-France Workshop are organizing BeeoCOP21, a series of conferences on the impact of sectors of social utility on the climate. For more information: visit the BeeoCop21 page .

The well-being

The BeeoTop offers fun and sports activities to promote the well-being of the inhabitants:

  • Weekly Pilates sessions
  • Meeting of music lovers

And soon :

  • Yoga classes, fitness
  • Etc.

Rate Card:

• Office - Full time : 250 euros HT / month
• Office - Half time : 150 euros HT / month

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