Thu, Oct 29 2020

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Name: Manyatta - Paris - Paris

Address: 52 Rue des Vignes, 1st floor, Paris France 75010 France


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The MANYATTA universe

In the exceptional setting of the Boulainvilliers train station, built for the Universal Exhibition of 1900, Laurence and Marie welcome you in the 120m2 of the apartment of the stationmaster:

- for coworking

- for the rental of rooms

- for events

MANYATTA is a third place where we privilege the notion of space and light, halfway between an apartment and an office, the decor "dé-branchée", sober and timeless. Here, time stops, everything is conducive to the concentration and weaving of links.


What is a Manyatta?

According to the myth popularized by Joseph Kessel in his novel The Lion , Maasai boys become young warriors at the age of fifteen, each young person having to kill a lion during his "warrior" initiatory period.

To recover from their ordeals, the young warriors leave to live in a group in a village specially built for them, far from the adult universe. The manyatta refers to these huts, temporary shelters, where the young maasai are accompanied in their development, before starting their adult life.


Coworking at MANYATTA

Our third place is dedicated to "nomadic" professionals (teleworkers, freelancers, entrepreneurs, people in professional transition ...) and students.


It is possible to settle for half a day, a day, a month ... in the common area of ​​30 m2 or by privatizing one of our offices (2 to 4 pers.) For an appointment, a meeting, a workshop or training for example. The space is equipped with a kitchen area where to share convivial moments.


Monday to Friday from 9h to 19h,

in the evening and on weekends on request.


To reserve write to us at

Or call us on 01 40 71 92 26.


Room rental

Reservations & infos at

Mekong Room

Meeting room for 12 people

Bathed in light, this room is ideal for organizing your team meetings, your training or your workshops. Its bamboos of three meters gives it a new majesty. It is equipped with everything necessary to ensure the success of your event can be transformed at will to host the organization of a cocktail, exams or ephemeral sales ...


* video projector, screen, sound system, flipchart, printer, whiteboard ...


Office of the Volga

Private office for 2 people

In a cozy atmosphere, this small office of 10m² is conducive to creativity, coaching sessions and concentration.


Danube Room

Meeting room for 4 people

In the morning sun, this small intimate room will be your number one choice to organize a breakfast client or to negotiate with a provider. Confidentiality is guaranteed in this case whose thickness of the walls is the characteristic of the architecture of 1900.


The kitch space

This is not a room. You will understand, here is the little corner where we meet around a tea or coffee to discuss, eat and sometimes work!


Our favorite sites

When we come across beautiful initiatives, those that we can call 'out of the box', we want to talk about it ...


Training Organization, Equitable Network of Independent Trainers and Partners

Created by Florence Marty, an entrepreneur with enthusiasm and contagious energy, this training organization, a network of trainers is unique in its kind by the pact that binds each member: ethics, quality, listening and respect for others. Do you want to be a member? Are you looking for a unique format for your employees? Go ahead with your eyes closed!



Site in the making of beneficial beverages

Alison is my "beloved shaman", she is the custodian of ancestral knowledge about plants and the magic of our environment. She concocts her teas and infusions according to the Sabbats and the esoteric world she is creating is unpublished in France and if you too, you say that everything around you sometimes escapes the rationality, follow it on social networks...



Offset Communication Tip (or not!)

Created by Anne-Laure ALAZARD, this communications consulting start-up already has two feats to its credit and not least ...

Be curious, a click and you dive into his universe!


Trends in the city , to help you decipher urban trends and design

Mybloss, site of sharing of good addresses selected according to the personal prism of the author but always with a lot of taste and originality



Organization / animation of the social life of your employees

Created by Fabienne Neveux, this start-up HR offers a tool and advice to solve your hot topics: commitment, reception and retention, mobility of employees and strengthen your employer brand.

How? I invite you to discover the proposed solutions while strolling on the site.



The most promising Fintech of the world

Do not be scarred by words! When Eric MIgnot co-founded his start-up in professional insurance brokerage, he was determined to simplify the life of small and medium-sized businesses by offering them quick and easy access to the most appropriate insurance contracts for their needs. So when a technological solution saves time and relevance, it would be a pity to miss ... Test and compare!

Rate Card:

• Mekong Room - Meeting room for 12 people :
• Office of the Volga - Private office for 2 people : € 20.00 - € 950.00
• Danube Room - Meeting room for 4 people : € 20.00 - € 110.00
• Half-day open space package : 150,00 € - 400,00 €

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