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Name: L'Entreprendre - Paris - Paris

Address: 27 rue du Quatre Septembre, Paris France 75002 France


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Complete support to carry out your project

With the "Creator" formula, L'Entreprendre Cerfrance guides you and helps you to carry out your project by assisting you until the complete success of your business. With you, we study the feasibility, the adequate financing and the appropriate legal form to realize the project you have decided to carry out.


A partner who adapts to the specificity of your profession.

The Entreprendre Cerfrance knows well the creators and the buyers of company. We know that there is no ready-made solution. Thanks to the "Creator" formula, we adjust to your problem. Whatever your goal, a personal advisor is specifically dedicated to you. He is a true partner with whom you work and you exchange to shape your project.


A guide to rigorously define your goals.

The first step is to clearly specify your needs and desired orientations. For this, Entreprendre Cerfrance offers its guide "e-creation". This interactive and didactic document helps you to collect, in an exhaustive way, all the information useful and indispensable to sift the feasibility of your project: market study, skills required, financing ... This step can already be done with your advisor.


The realization of a solid forecast.

After this preliminary study, Entreprendre Cerfrance offers you an approach in 3 successive stages: (1) Realization of a numerical estimate of your project, related to your environment, while commenting on the benefits and the possible risks. Then different appointments with your advisor allow you to choose the legal form best suited to your project (2) and offer financing solutions appropriate to your needs (3). At each step a summary note is given to you.


An active network of entrepreneurs.

During the 3 months of this study, you can also access our coworking space free of charge (ideal when you are in a start-up phase and looking for a workstation or an equipped meeting room) and we offer you to join for free 3 months at the Entreprendre Cerfrance Business Club: the regular meeting with other entrepreneurs, helps you to know and develop your business.



Genuine personalized support solutions.

You are absorbed in your business, and you ask for the effective support of a consultant who knows your business. "Entreprendre Cerfrance" offers you its "Accounting / Management" formulas specific and adapted to the problems of your business.


Complete and economical management of your daily work.

The formula "Accounting / Management" is the real solution for an efficient and positive conduct of your company. From the beginning we take care of all your accounting and management. The assistance is continuous, even in case of control. Our entire service is included in a single level of particularly attractive offer, which avoids unplanned options and expensive supplements. There is no binding commitment period and the conduct of the work is facilitated by the complete dematerialization of all the technical aspects of the various operations. Our "Accounting / Management" formula is available and adapted to your activity: whether you are a craftsman, a shopkeeper, a consultant, a service company, a liberal profession, a small business or an SME, we have a formula for you!


A counselor always at your side.

But the most important thing is not there. The formula "Accounting / Management" is first and foremost the story of a real human relationship between you and your dedicated economic advisor. 3 to 4 personalized pilot meetings are scheduled each year. The recommendations are part of a long-term relationship that combines trust and support at all times. A true follow-up of experts. We help you in the conduct of your business and together make the best decisions for your success.


Specific advantages.

As creators and entrepreneurs, we know that all your tenacity must be entirely focused on the success of your business. That's why we propose you to become a member of the "L'Entreprendre Cerfrance" Business Law Club, which allows you to interact with other entrepreneurs, network and boost your business development. Finally you have free access to our coworking spaces and our fully equipped meeting rooms.



Basic, economical and effective help.

You have little accounting to manage. On the other hand, the establishment of payrolls with its incessant changes in the contribution rate remains complicated and time consuming. Social / Payroll solutions are for you.


Two formulas for simplified help.

The Entreprendre Cerfrance offers you the professionalism and rigor usually reserved for large companies while adapting to your activity and your economic means. They free you from the hassles and worries of salary management that take time, are sources of errors and prevent you from devoting yourself to your job, prospecting and monitoring your customers.


The "RH solo" formula.

With this simple formula with very good quality / price ratio, L'Entreprendre Cerfrance restores order if necessary in your files and takes care of the establishment of the pay of your employees. A 100% dematerialized solution (web portal and mails) and shared allows us to manage in real time the development of the payslips, the follow-up of the different premiums, the overtime, the holidays and the absences. We take care of the declarations of the social charges, and each month we publish you a statement of the payment orders.


The formula "RH all inclusive".

In addition to the payroll issue, the "all inclusive" formula allows you to fully monitor all the social and compensation aspects of your employees. A table is published monthly, with all the indicators useful for the good social management of your employees: analysis of payroll, costs and staff, movement of hours worked, state of the evolution of contributions ... In addition, you benefit from a telephone service. Our Payroll technicians help you live to manage daily issues and events related to employee management. Each end of the year, an appointment is organized with your advisor to take stock and allow you to improve and optimize your salary management. Finally you automatically benefit from our assistance in case of social control.



A range of services at the service of entrepreneurs.

The Entreprendre Cerfrance is, in a welcoming setting, the opportunity to enjoy an office, a meeting room and a personal workspace. Whatever the entrepreneur you are, you will find all the services you need to manage your business and modern solutions open to all professions.


Dedicated spaces to work in peace.

Rented by the hour, by the day or by half-day modules,

Entreprendre Cerfrance is the ideal solution for coworking.

If, temporarily, you do not have a personal office or if you are traveling without a suitable solution, you can use all the services of a space equipped with all the modern tools and essential to your business: computer, printer and photocopier, telephony in a soundproofed space, full wifi ... Entreprendre Cerfrance is open to all professionals, perfect for independent workers, commercial, nomadic workers, and can be a place of activity between two appointments.


A meeting room to receive your customers.

The "Coworking" solution also offers a functional meeting room for up to 12 people. This room is equipped with all the necessary equipment to gather clients or partners, to hold a conference or to carry out training sessions. In addition, L'Entreprendre Cerfrance is equipped with a square "drinks and refreshments", which allows everyone to relax between two work sessions.


Individualized spaces

If you have, on our recommendation, chosen to call an expert, or if you have entrusted us with the management of your accounting, individual spaces are available to work with him or with your advisor. These offices are equipped with Visio systems to communicate immediately with our specialists. So no waste of time and answers to your questions ... live.



An active and valuable network.

The Entreprendre Cerfrance Business Club allows you to regularly meet other entrepreneurs from your region, with whom you will be able to share your projects and develop your business.


A network of entrepreneurs.

A Business Club has its place in L'Entreprendre Cerfrance. At regular intervals, we organize exchange meetings, between twenty entrepreneurs. It's about getting to know one another, exposing one's problems and solutions, and building a true network of creators and business leaders. The goal is to activate business development, do business or share skills.


Specialized speakers

The Entreprendre Cerfrance Business Club, besides being a place of discussion, is also the occasion to meet, in the form of conferences or debates, specialists of the company, around the methods of sale, commercial development, computer techniques, social management ... The sharing of experiences is thus valued. Any questions you ask yourself can be addressed with the benefit of immediately dealing with all the real issues. Check the program of our next clubs by clicking on the link and by choosing in the menu "Rencontres du Club".


Multiple services.

L'Entreprendre Cerfrance Business Club, thanks to its knowledge of the entrepreneurial fabric, puts at your disposal its directory, available in the private area. You also have the opportunity to enjoy the many benefits online, by connecting directly to your personal space.

The Benefits platform allows you to access a central purchasing office and benefit from various crowdfunding solutions.

In addition, with your membership of the Entreprendre Cerfrance Business Club, you have access to the "Coworking" service with free use of the different spaces, an individual office or the meeting room, for two half-days per month.



An open space to meet an advisor.

Enter the Entreprendre Cerfrance space. WITHOUT AN APPOINTMENT, you are received by a counselor to whom you expose your problem. Immediately, he will direct you to the appropriate solution.


An interlocutor ... without an appointment.

Entreprendre Cerfrance is a place open to all entrepreneurs: artisans, tradesmen, TPE bosses, liberal professions, auto-entrepreneurs ...

You can, at any time of the day and according to your schedule, meet a consultant.

Around a coffee (or a tea!), Meet an open point of contact and listen to your questions, whether financial, legal, heritage, commercial, office ...


Effective solutions.

At the end of the meeting, your advisor directs you to the appropriate solution to your requests and your questions.

It immediately tells you how to benefit from a specific analysis. If necessary, this study can be done by a dedicated expert. Finally, it offers either an appointment billed time spent, or a wide selection of packaged offers. With him, you will make the choice that best suits your needs.


Adapted offers.

During this first informal meeting, ask our advisor. Indeed, to better respond to your requests, we have created a number of specific products. Forced, they are simple, personalized and financially transparent. Each interview leads to the proposal of an appropriate formula and to a precise financial simulation, without commitment on your part.



Enter and discover a new way of doing business.

Monday to Thursday:  9:30 - 12:30 and 13:30 - 19:00 
Friday:  9:30 - 12:30 and 13:30 - 18:00



"Entreprendre Cerfrance": a complete support solution for entrepreneurs.

"Entreprendre Cerfrance"  is an innovation of the Cerfrance group, a consulting and accounting network with 12,000 employees in more than 700 branches throughout France. "Entreprendre Cerfrance" was created in 2016 with a young team of specialists in management, accounting, sales, law, social affairs ... to assist creators and business leaders. He is registered with the Order of Chartered Accountants.

Following its establishment in Paris, "L'Entreprendre Cerfrance" has the ambition to create consulting spaces in the largest cities in France.

"Entreprendre Cerfrance" is your new partner to boost your business.


A place to develop your business.

"Entreprendre Cerfrance" is a place open to all entrepreneurs.

Whether you are an artisan, a merchant, a self-employed entrepreneur, an SME manager, a nomadic worker or a member of a liberal profession, "L'Entreprendre" is for you. Whatever your problematic, you will find a precise answer to all your questions and questions.

Rate Card:

• Workstation (TTC) : € 5 (then € 4) / hourly
• Workstation (TTC) - Half-day rate : € 10
• Workstation (TTC) - Daily rate : $ 20
• Workstation (TTC) - Pass 10h : $ 35
• Workstation (TTC) - Pass 50h : 80 €
• Workstation (TTC) - 100H Pass : 130 €
• Half-day rate - Room for 4 people : 90 €
• Day rate - Room 4 people : $ 160
• Half-day rate - Room for 12 pers. : $ 240
• Day rate - Room 12 pers. : $ 380

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