Thu, Oct 29 2020

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Name: Studios Singuliers - Paris - Paris

Address: 46-48 Rue René Clair, Paris France 75018 France


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Singular Studios, the tailor-made coworking of Paris 18!

Join a collaborative space, designed for professionals, at the heart of Parisian innovation.


Studios are getting bigger!

Because the more we are coworkers, the more we laugh, the Studios have opened a new workspace .. the door next door! 
You will find 11 workstations and a nomadic space.


According to a recent study commissioned by the Directorate-General for Enterprise, productivity gains could reach "5 to 30%" *. Imagine the results if you telework in a collaborative platform like coworking spaces, in the middle of an ecosystem conducive to collective intelligence.

Telework + Coworking + Ecosystem = productivity +++?

A WORKING ENVIRONMENT THAT FACILITATES CONCENTRATION What surprises most new users when they come to test telework in our coworking space is the incredible impact on their productivity . Mylène, coach / facilitator, nomad since recently in our open space, has experienced it very recently.


"Before I decided to come to a collaborative work platform such as Singular Studios, I worked at home in the middle of the show. Over time I felt that I was less and less effective, that I really needed to change the work environment . The first pleasant surprise was that I could concentrate much more easily thanks to the energy of the place, the other coworkers working by my side and the space itself. There is an intellectual dynamic that takes place that makes me procrastinate much less. "

A RICH ECOSYSTEM THAT SAVES TIME This increased productivity is also generated by the quality of the ecosystem and the interactivity between the members of the space . With a wide variety of profiles ( independent workers , employees, project leaders, VSEs, start-ups , researchers), often experts in their field, coworkers are very often brought to exchange , collaborate and even work as a team to find answers to questions. from technical questions to complex issues or simple needs related to their work.

The coworking space appears as a real collaborative tool promoting creativity as attested by the testimony of Michèle, HR consultant. "For 3 years I still had not found the time to work on my communication. From the moment I integrated the coworking space of singular Studios, I quickly exchanged with the other members of the space on my problem in terms of time to allocate to the realization of my com '. In just 3 days I already had 2 clear and precise quotes and a meeting to brainstormfor the creation of my graphic charter, the design of my website and also optimize SEO. In the end I finally have a comm tool. without having to mobilize a time that I do not have. "

If you also want to improve your productivity and test the benefits of coworking we will be happy to welcome you to singular studios.


A collaborative coworking space designed for professionals

Since 2012, Singular Studios has welcomed and supported more than 700 small businesses, start-ups, freelancers and teleworkers from all sectors.

An equipped executive and an attentive team will allow you to focus on your business and enrich your professional network to develop opportunities.

  • 2 work studios
  • 31 individual offices
  • 25 nomadic posts
  • 8 team islands
  • 11 meeting rooms
  • 1 call box


With the resident formula, choose your à la carte tools:

- Dedicated phone line 
30 € HT / month

- Access 24/7 
75 € HT / month (1 month package)

- Mail management 
20 € HT / month

- Lockers 
10 € HT / month

- Parking 
150 € HT / month


Registration and payment, with ease

  • Registration is done on site in less than 5 minutes. Remember to bring a piece of ID and an extract of K-bis for companies.
  • You can pay by check, credit card or cash. 
    For residents, consider the transfer or direct debit!

Rate Card:

• Resident - 1 month : 370 € HT per month
• Resident - 6 months : 320 € HT per month
• Resident - 12 months : 270 € HT per month
• Dedicated Office : 100 € HT / month
• Nomadic - Solo Nomad : 30 € HT / day
• Nomadic - Pack Nomad : 22 € HT / day
• Meeting Room - 4 to 6 people :
• Training Room - 8 to 15 people :
• Conference Room - up to 70 people :
• Panoramic Terrace - 50 to 80 people :

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