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Name: I-Coworking - Paris - Paris

Address: 133 Avenue d'Italie, Paris France 75013 France


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A new kid on the block, i-Coworking opened in June 2017 in the 13th Arrondissement of Paris. Offering hot desks, fixed workstations and private offices as well as sales enclaves, i-Coworking reinvents the collaborative space by also offering the "i-coshop" venue. Describing themselves as "corporate, collaborative, competitive, connected and cool", it is the place to work as an alternative to the normal coworking spaces available throughout Paris.

Purposely designed for creatives, startups or companies in need of a showroom or sales area, i-coworking is a friendly and welcoming coworking space that even has a valet service to park your car.

When you become a member of this coworking enclave you will have broadband Internet to hook into, all of the office paraphernalia you can think of including network printers for when you want to see words on paper, plus a common room to chill-out in when your brain is showing signs of overload. There is a meeting and a conference room for when you want to chit chat with a client or brainstorm with team players. For when you feel that you have had enough of sitting at a desk, there is a gym equipped with cardio and weight training machines so that you can give yourself a workout without having to leave the premises. 

A friendly and collaborative space where you can mingle and network with likeminded people, i-coworking is also where you can showoff your selling skills. 



Classic Basics

  • High-Speed WiFi
  • Air Conditioning


  • Printer
  • Scanner
  • Photocopier

Relax Zones

  • Lounge / Chill-out Area


  • Free Drinking Water

Caffeine Fix

  • Free Coffee

Rate Card:

• Hot Desk / Open Plan Seating (1 Day) : EUR 10.00

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