Thu, Oct 29 2020

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Name: Ateliers Draft - Paris - Paris

Address: 12 Esplanade Nathalie Sarraute, Paris France 75018 France


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Train yourself in digital manufacturing and become a designer craftsman

Furnish your spaces with custom furniture, made in Paris



Local and urban micro-factory

Moving to the city - where traditional production spaces have left these areas to settle on the periphery or even abroad - is a real challenge: our mission is to rethink production processes to review our way of doing business. consume, facing the giants of the industry.

We operate in a compact space, which is based on a model of production to order, in just-in-time, without stock.

Our production capacity is driven by digital techniques and allows us to tailor the machining, from the single piece to the small / medium series.

We have a special relationship with our clients, who operate in the same territory and understand the advantages of local collaboration: meeting their needs by creating a virtuous design / manufacturing / consumption loop; more efficient in materials and energy and more efficient in the treatment of waste.

Accompany this transition through training

Faced with all these economic issues and constraints related to the territory, trades are changing, and some craft activities are becoming more technical.

With DRAFT, designers, craftsmen and companies are supported in these changes with adapted professional training programs.

With this Parisian factory, we reconnect the production space with the consumer (the resident, the company) and its local environment (neighborhood, city).

Anne and Quentin, founders of DRAFT Workshops


Our approach

Since our beginnings in 2014, we have shared our workspace and our means of production.

With designers, freelancers, entrepreneurs, our machines are pooled to take this urban production project even further. Beyond our own projects, we want our residents to have the ability to prototyping and producing on their workspace in the heart of the city.

To make the best use of all these tools, we offer, through our professional training, specific support following the projects.

The multiplicity of profiles and skills of the workshop leads us to propel many collaborations and to develop products or projects on behalf of our customers.

We have a workspace of 200m2, on 2 sites in the 18th.

  • The 130m2 workshop, in the heart of the eco-district of Halle Pajol, hosts the office space, the training area and the digital prototyping space.
  • The Studio, our production area of ​​70m2 (located 200m from the workshop) is for the machining and finishing of our development and manufacturing projects.



The DRAFT team is made up of the founding members of the workshop, our residents and all the talents with whom we collaborate regularly on projects, tenders, trainings, events ...


A local and collaborative self-production workshop, Ateliers Draft is for designers, shapers and makers: the modern craftsmen of the world today where everything is possible. Oozing creativity, this coworking space is for those wishing to turn their dreamy creations into real businesses. It is at Draft that you will be able to take your first prototype to realization of a series, as it offers you the best equipment and experts to back you and your idea.

Ateliers Draft is where actors of creation and innovation conceive, exchange and connect with likeminded souls with the benefit of access to the necessary technological tools for the idea to bloom. 

A collaborative coworking space, the workshop is in the eco-district of the 18th district of Paris, Halle Pajol. The premises include a covered garden overlooking railway tracks, a ping pong table to relieve the stressful moments or to collaborate during a fast paced game, so many machines that your eyes will light up (think 3D printer, laser cutter, digital printing machine, digital milling machine) and stunning terraces for those moments when you need some fresh air. It is a coworking area of creation and innovation that attracts student, entrepreneurs and companies to its doors for prototyping and production. 

You will be scrutinized to ensure that you know how to use the equipment available before being given access to its precious tools of dreams. But if you are lacking in stand-alone experience, there are regular workshops and training sessions held to help you out.

Ateliers Draft has its coworking space open from 10am to 7pm Monday to Friday whether you are a transient creator or a local resident. There is fast wifi to plug into and plenty of tea and coffee to keep your brain singing throughout the day. 


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• Hot Desk / Open Plan Seating (1 Day) : EUR 15.00

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