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Name: Startway - Paris - Porte Montmartre

Address: 12 Rue Maurice Grimaud, Paris France 75018 France


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Paris 18 th district coworking space - between the Portes de St Ouen and Clignancourt

New coworking space in the North of Paris

This new coworking space in the North of Paris is located between the Portes de St Ouen and Clignancourt. Extended over 2000m2 the site offers private and shared office rental solutions from 2 to 100 people in a modern and bright.This work environment is particularly sought after by innovative companies wishing to settle in Paris at lower prices in the center of the capital. On the ground floor, a large event space ERP offers many meeting spaces for the organization of professional events (meetup, training, creative room, team meeting, product launch ...) but also more popular events such as private concerts, debates, art exhibitions. .

A coworking space mainly for startups and innovative companies

In floor and ground floor, two superb outdoor terraces will be a pleasant accompaniment to the daily life of Startway coworkers.


- copier

- Air conditioner

- On-site catering

- Cafeteria Kitchen

- Very high speed wifi

- Telephony VOIP

- Car park

- Sports lesson

- Terrace - Courtyard

- Access for members

- Networking

- PMR Access


Domiciliation in Paris 18th arrondissement

Scalable solutions to house a business in Paris

The Paris 18 commercial domiciliation service offered by the coworking space The numerous event spaces and meeting rooms will also allow you to give visibility to your company by organizing your professional events for up to 200 people . Finally, this beautiful place also offers many outdoor terraces.     allows a contractor to install the business address or the head office of his company in the north of Paris in a rapidly changing neighborhood. Our evolving virtual office formulas allow us to meet different needs in terms of domiciliation. From the simple domiciliation of mail with or without telephone line up to the domiciliation form including access 2 days a week to the coworking space. In addition to the domiciliation options in Paris 18, the coworking space offers  rental solutions for meeting rooms and events as well as private or shared office rentals.

A coworking space open to the neighborhood and an ecosystem to support your business

The Startway ecosystem will  support entrepreneurs and employees in their daily journey and will permanently ensure the creation of positive synergies. If your company is connected to the sector of the communication, radio or music we inform you that our roommates of the building are the Inrocks and radio Nova.


Paris 17 th district coworking space


This new Paris 17 coworking space is located near Place des Ternes and Avenue Wagram. This makes it an easily accessible place. The workspaces are installed in an air-conditioned building formerly occupied by employees of our partner La Poste Group. This new collaborative business center offers shared and private office rentalpackages  .

All of our members can access a cafeteria and a corporate restaurant.

Independent workers, start-ups, small businesses, SMEs and large local groups now have an additional modern place in the heart of the 17th arrondissement of Paris to come to work, meet, and grow. In order to meet the greatest number of expectations,  the Paris 17 coworking space  offers office space solutions, a cowork café concept  , spaces for corporate events (launch product, seminars, meetup, afterwork),  meeting rooms and  domiciliation . The proposed solutions benefit from superb heights under the ceiling.

A coworking space partner of an incubator specialized in new ways of working #newWork

The Startway ecosystem will  support entrepreneurs and employees in their daily journey and will permanently ensure the creation of positive synergies. If your company is connected to the real estate or mobility sectors, the presence of our partner incubator can be a real plus for your business.


Meeting rooms & business events in Paris

Meeting rooms and events up to 200 people

Creative meeting rooms, out of the box, Cozy, Chic, Lounge, Conventional .

Rental of meeting rooms in the Paris 18 coworking space Porte Montmartre opened in a very unusual new building located in a rapidly changing Parisian district. Within our building, many spaces for your professional events up to 200 people. Our different meeting rooms and event spaces allow companies to choose different work environments depending on the atmosphere they are looking for. Our clients can choose to rent a meeting room for sessions of: "out of the box" creative meeting, business meetings, telephone prospecting, training, meetup, afterworks, seminars, study day, executive committee , space for teleworker.

Many cultural events are also scheduled with our neighbors Inrocks and Radio Nova.

The meeting rooms are air-conditioned, ultra bright easily accessible from public transport (metro Porte St Ouen and Clignancourt and Tram T3). The neighborhood is changing with food and accommodation offers.


Since 2008, we have been helping entrepreneurs and large companies to unravel their real estate issues, work differently and innovate together.

Startway is above all a history and a career of entrepreneurs who have made their experience a virtuous economic model whose main objective was to allow the greatest number of entrepreneurs and / or employees to access without economic risk. to accommodation solutions (private or shared offices). That is to say on economically favorable conditions and with the greatest flexibility. This model was then enriched by the establishment of an ecosystem of partners to support the growth of our customers.

After several years of development, StartWay became an independent national network ' coworking spaces present in Paris , Feucherolles, Boulogne-Billancourt Montrouge, Montreuil, Arcueil Cachan,  Dijon,  Bordeaux , Lille ,  Lyon , Limonest,  Nice, Rouen,  Poitiers  ... And above all, our community, which started out as a start-up, a freelance and a freelance consultant, has now been enriched by workers in wage-earning, teleworking employees, SMEs, large groups. Our coworking spaces have become real "  real social networks In which entrepreneurs and employees exchange, innovate and create together value.

Finally, exchanges and innovations made possible by our choice to have spaces on a human scale. A model probably validated by the anthropologist DUNBAR (law of the number of DUNBAR)   ?


Spaces for Meetups, Conferences, Events up to 300 people

Discover our large spaces dedicated to corporate events for up to 150 people. Events with a whole range of logistic services provided by our partners: catering, sound, reception, security. Startway meeting spaces particularly appreciated for the organization of Meetups, conferences, product launches, press conferences, afterworks, lunch debates, parades etc ...


B usiness Domiciliation

Simple and up- to-date domiciliation offers   adapted to the needs of all companies: Freelance, freelancers, mobile employees, Startups, SMEs, and Large Groups. You have the choice between the simple domiciliation to install its commercial antenna or its registered office and formulas of domiciliation with access to the shared workspaces. The Startway coworking spaces have prefectural approval.


Meeting rooms up to 40 people

A wide variety of meeting spaces for the organization of your professional events up to 40 people . With our meeting spaces you have the choice between a "traditional" meeting environment or for more innovative spaces promoting creativity, co-construction, brainstorming. Examples of use of our meeting rooms: training, product launch, conference, seminars, creative room, recruitment, meetup, afterwork ...


Offices to share up to 100 people

Multiple forms of office rental to share adapted to all your work habits whether you are nomadic or sedentary worker, independent contractor or employee teleworking . Choose your coworking space on time in complete freedom without reservation with our formulas on time. Discover a world of benefits with our unlimited subscription plans 24/7.


Private Offices from 1 to 200 people

For those who do not wish to lock themselves in the rigidity of a lease 3/6/9 years. Places on a human scale with qualitative private workspaces that evolve flexibly to the growth of your workforce. Private office rental formulas from 1 to 100 people with flexible durations of 1 month, 3 months, 6 months, 1 year, 10 years .... The private offices are fully equipped with their furniture, partitions, telephony, internet.


Well being and quality of life

A whole world of services to make our coworking spaces places of fulfillment. Services developed by our ecosystem so that the Startway experience of our entrepreneur and employee members is more than just a work experience. Proof that the human is at the heart of the Startway model. Become a member of our coworking spaces and access a whole universe of services: gym, shower, Japanese sauna, relaxation room, nap room, lounge, restaurant, swimming pool



A partnership with La Poste's property group to develop coworking spaces throughout the country

The partnership signed in 2016 between Poste Immo (a subsidiary of La Poste Group) and Start-Way aims to provide the Startway Group with the means to offer coworking spaces throughout France. With the desire to offer new services in the city center and in rural areas. For La Poste Group, the  development of  collaborative business centers and  Startway coworking spaces is also the opportunity to distribute many services to businesses (banking, insurance, mail, innovation, etc.).

Rate Card:

• Coworking 5/7 : € 329 / month
• Coworking Full 24h / 7d : € 369 / month
• Private office of 4 : € 2000 / month
• Private office of 8 : € 4000 / month
• Lounge 2 to 6 people : € 200 / day
• Training Meeting Room : € 300 / day
• Conference Meetup - Up to 50 people : € 500 / night
• Creative Room - Up to 200 people : € 3000 / day

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