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Name: Planetic Lab - Paris - Paris

Address: 28 Place de la Bourse, Paris France 75002 France


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Why undertake accompanied by Planetic Lab

• Benefit from the support of entrepreneurs who have already set up a business and run employees

• Access human, material and financial resources

• Work at Palais Brongniart and receive clients, investors and partners

• Enjoy a large network of customers, suppliers and partners

• Incubation is free because funded by Planetic Philanthropy


Accompaniment criteria by Planetic Lab

• Project at the stage of emergence or initiation

• Commercial company in Ile-de-France (for the moment)

• Service or product to address a social or environmental problem

• To have been selected by Planetic Philanthropy (calls for projects)

• No investments by Planetic in the company's capital


• Exemplary  : we federate an ecosystem of mentors and experienced entrepreneurs 
• Tailor-made  : The training modules coupled with individual coaching allows individualized follow-up 
• Complete  : We transmit to you the know-how and the well-being of the entrepreneur


Method: embody pedagogy by example

5 modules combining personalized follow-up and collective workshops of 4 half-days per year:

  • Production : Followed by a mentor designer and a technical expert mentor + Workshop suppliers, logistics and distribution.
  • Sales : Followed by a marketer of the sector + Workshop of marketing, communication and negotiation with a professional of the sector.
  • Management : Followed by a lawyer and an accountant + Workshop on public and private financing: grant, bank, insurance, fundraising.
  • Innovation : Follow-up by an innovation mentor + R & D workshop, intellectual property, innovation ecosystem.
  • Savoir-être : Follow-up by a sponsor entrepreneur and a wellness coach + Communication & management workshop: active listening, public speaking, self-image, criticizing, motivating.


Financing solutions: because selling can take time

  • Crowdfunding : linking with crowdfunding platforms through donation, loan and investment.
  • Zero-interest loan : The 1901 Planetic Philanthropie association can receive donations from companies and individuals and then lends the zero-rated funds to selected contractors prepared by Planetic. Planetic Philanthropy publishes tax receipts for the gift. The tax deduction is 60% of the donation amount for businesses and 66% for individuals.
  • Bank loan : direct contact with banks and follow-up.
  • Grants : direct contact with a grant organization and follow-up.


Financial conditions: progressiveness, flexibility and responsiveness

Planetic and entrepreneurs will negotiate compensation options:

  • Percentage of turnover,
  • Package for the remuneration of the council,
  • Exchange of services including accommodation at Planetic Lab,
  • Association of Planetic and entrepreneurs (subsidiary, joint venture, participation).


A friendly and innovative incubator sitting in the heart of Paris, Planetic Lab was founded "by entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs". It brings together entrepreneurs and researchers to share experiences and resources for sustainable innovation, incubation and acceleration in a boutique space. Eco designed with an exceptional location, Planetic Lab coworking enclave is the perfect venue to receive clients or investors due to its easy accessibility. 

A coworking environment with social and environmental innovations, the premises are decked out in French wooden tables, recycled office furniture, even a solid ink network printer to reduce waste. You can choose from an open coworking space or a private office if you want to flap your creative wings in private, plus there is a meeting room for when you need private talks. 

Coworking fees are monthly with no security deposit payable. You will have access 24/7 to keep the workaholics happy and broadband Internet via cable and wifi to keep you connected. You are able to book the common meeting room (capable of holding 8 to 10 individuals) via a shared calendar and if you need a conference room, there is one available at Palais Brongniart. The caffeine addicts will be celebrating as it is fair trade organic coffee on tap all day. There is a tempered sprinkled water fountain for those that like to swill H2O and the premises are totally accessible for people with disabilities.

Only a small number of coworking stations are available, so contact management via their website before you rock up to the doors. 

Rate Card:

• Hot Desk / Open Plan Seating (1 Month) : EUR 420.00

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