Tue, Oct 27 2020

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Name: Bliss Studio Paris - Paris - Paris

Address: 70 Rue Notre Dame de Nazareth, Paris France 75003 France


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Bliss Studio is home for creative energies, combined with the communitarian spirit of a co-working and a cultural and artistic showroom for magical events.

A place for bohemian creativity

Located in the Marais, the Bliss studio is a place full of life, dedicated to promoting bohemian creativity, nourishing inspiration and encouraging ambitious and creative minds. The first floor of the studio is dedicated to events of all kinds: showroom, galleries, photo studios, concerts, yoga, workshops etc. The second floor is a co-working space dedicated to Digital nomads, designers, artists, authors, photographers, illustrators, graphic designers, stylists, or for anyone looking for a creative home filled with a spirit of sharing and open-mindedness.

Bliss is defined as “the highest level of happiness”. This is exactly what Hanna had in mind when she created Bliss Studio: a place overflowing with positive energy, creativity, kind people, listening, and sharing. A manifestation of who Hanna is. Daily reinventing a new way to create and to work together. This is Hanna’s concept – this is Bliss Studio.


There are many ways to experience the world around you. Hanna’s world is simple: positive energy! Hanna is an optimist who sees an extraordinary potential for joy and creativity in everyone. Previously an art director and designer who worked for large company brands including Adidas, Guerlain, Nike, Club Med and Toyota.

Hanna, over the last 15 years, has always put people first. From life’s journey, Hanna has gathered a wealth of inspiration and philosophy that she shares with those around her. Because there’s something magical about Hanna, she wants to invite others in this space to experience the inspiration that life has to offer.



We have eight desks in our open co-working space. You can rent space on a daily, weekly, monthly or yearly basis. The price for renting a co-working space includes super fast wifi, access to a printer and paper, as well as coffee, tea and water. Co-workers also have access to our conference room upon availability and receive a discount on tickets to our Bliss events.



Our 45 m2 showroom, with beautiful big windows on the street level, is perfect for displaying your brand or for a pop-up store. It also can be used as an art gallery or photo studio. We have 12 meters of rack hangers for clothes and tables are at your disposal.


Conference Room

Our 15 m2 conference room easily fits 12 people and works great for smaller or larger meetings. The price includes super fast wifi, access to a printer and paper, as well as coffee, tea and water.


We would love to hear from you so please send us a message if you have any questions or need more information!

Contact us at hello@blissstudioparis.com

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