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Name: Lydd Consulting - Paris - Paris

Address: 51 Rue Claude Decaen, Paris France 75012 France


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Discover a universe solutions for entrepreneurship!

Imagined and created by the agency PLP Media,

this new space in the heart of Paris, is part of a Zen universe, a Cozy decor and a Proactive atmosphere!


Just a 5-minute walk from Daumesnil and Michel Bizot Metro Stations, Lydd Consulting is easily accessible. near to all facilities, transport and shops. 


Designed to promote exchanges and concentration, Lydd consulting welcomes corporate events and freelancers, in a unique setting inspired by "urban jungle", warm and green.

At the same time event space, coworking, insurance firm, administrative assistance, domiciliation point, Lydd Consulting is a place of life which promises you a rich, unique and complete human experience.




This is what distinguishes a leader of a follower. A true leader succeeds in starting commitment  to others.


"Yes Man, Yes Girl" 

We accompany you to have a proactive attitude since we take care rest. 



A contractor is a person of action. A combination of optimism, daring and determination. Succeed in juggling Relevance, Personalization and Consistency



The differentiation consists, for the brand, in putting an offer whose unique character is recognized and valued  by the customer. 


Our Vision of Customer Experience! 

Bringing value to its customers by fostering collective intelligence ...  What is more useful and more important thaninnovation to answer the problems of our era? Have the feeling to contribute to the building and to fully serve its customers;what's more exhilarating for an entrepreneur? 

Our Raison d'être is simple : to implement at your side, all the conditions and tools necessary to jointly increase the performance of your Organization and this, in continuity. 


At LYDD, we manufacture Leaders! 

We put all our know-how to help our customers endorse the virtuous traits of the entrepreneur of the 21st century! 

You drive your business, we take care of the rest. 



Time saving

Our goal is to free you from time-consuming tasks so you can focus on the essentials.

Energy gain

At LYDD Consulting everything is done to create synergies, facilitate momentum and guide you to the success of your project. 


We work with you to find the best solutions to your challenges!


You too, let yourself be surprised by the "infinite" power of entrepreneurship ... 


Discover without further delay our solutions!

- coworking

- domicile

- marketing

- Administrative

- Networking



Our domiciliation offer is a service designed to save you time but especially to enjoy a real work / life balance. We take care of all the logistics of the mail so as to facilitate your daily life and this, 

in all serenity. We filter the advertising solicitation and send you urgent mail in due time. 

Included in the domiciliation package:

• Receiving and filing your mail

• Ability to withdraw mail during business hours

• Redirection once a month by letter followed

• Sending an SMS a month

• Provision of your administrative in a private area


The "Plus" of our domiciliation service 



Benefit from a Parisian address for your company during the day.


We take full charge of managing your mail. 


Free yourself from your constraints by separating your private life and your professional life



Located 5 minutes walk from metro stations Daumesnil and Michel Bizot (line 6 and 8), Lydd Consulting is easily accessible, close to all amenities, transport and shops. 

Our space has been designed to promote productivity and meetings . Everything is done to give you the means to realize your projects . 

So you thrive in an atmosphere " urban jungle " cozy / Zen and enjoy access to a work room, a lounge, a kitchen equipped with hot / cold drink and self-service fruit, a meeting room, a furnished terrace to enjoy outdoor meetings.
Both event space and coworking, insurance firm, administrative assistance, domiciliation Lydd Consulting is a place of life that promises you a rich, unique and complete human experience .


Discover our coworking space, designed to allow you to work in a setting conducive to sharing and concentration.

Join the Lydd consulting team! And enjoy a framework where everything has been thought to promote your success.

The "pluses" of our coworking space

Coffee, tea, chocolate ...

Meet with a hot or cold drink that we put at your disposal to promote synergies between members of our coworking and refuel.

High-speed Internet...

Connect via our secure wifi network and benefit from a fast and efficient IT service.

Zen space ...

Equipped with all the comforts of a stay, our zen space has been thought to encourage creativity and productivity.

Outdoor terrace ...

LYDD offers you access to a sunny terrace to gather your team or simply relax in a pleasant square.

Lockers secure ...

Secure storage lockers are made available to you and allow you to store your confidential documents safely.

Meeting room

Our dedicated meeting room has all the necessary video and audio equipment in an aesthetically pleasing and comfortable setting for exchange.

Equipped kitchen...

LYDD puts at your disposal an equipped kitchen, refrigerator, hob, sink, microwave ...

Administrative assistance ...

You need help to carry out your administrative tasks and papers. We provide you with the necessary support for the successful completion of these steps.

Printer, office ...

Depending on the pack to which you subscribe, you will have access to a tariff for printing, scanning, and access to our various office tools.



We offer you specific insurance offers adapted to your activity. 
Explanation of the different types of insurance offered: 
Professional liability insurance offers protection against: damage caused by yourself, your employees, your premises or your professional equipment and damages that may occur after the delivery of products, as per example a manufacturing defect. 

The purpose of the corporate officer's civil liability is to limit the legitimate fear of the executive officer in the exercise of his mandate and possibly to assist him judicially. 

Operating insurance protects you against direct or indirect damage to third parties (be it your customers, suppliers, the environment, etc.).

• Liability pro 
• premises Insurance 
• Insurance of pro tools 
• RCMS - Civil liability of corporate officers 
• Welfare / Health 
• Operating insurance (guarantee of sales) 
• Vehicle Insurance


Lydd Consulting is a partner of the Sofrassur insurance brokerage firm which benefits from Orias accreditation. Orias Sofrassur number: 17003336


The "plus" of our insurance


LYDD consulting is a partner of the Sofrassur insurance brokerage company. The latter agrees to find for you the best relationship between your insurance coverage, your risks and your needs.


We accompany you in solving your problems. We are your agent, and are here to help you solve your problems.


Sofrassur, a partner of LYDD, is committed to respecting the fundamental values ​​that form the basis of its service, namely: ethics, ethics and probity.

Rate Card:

• Half Day : 10 €
• The Day : 20 €
• The Week : 90 €
• The Month : 280 €
• Digitization once a week : 14,90 €
• Re-dispatching once a week : 14,90 €
• Sending an SMS as soon as the mail is received : € 6.90

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