Thu, Oct 29 2020

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Name: Digital Innovation Lounge - Makassar City - Makassar

Address: Jl. AP Pettarani No.13, Sinrijala, Kec. Panakkukang, Makassar City South Sulawesi 90222 Indonesia


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Is a place or place for talent, startup & community to collaborate to build dreams in the digital world through pre-startup development programs and digital professional talent and other best supporting facilities.


About DILo Makassar

Makassar Digital Innovation Lounge, located on Jl. AP Pettarani No.13, Sinrijala, Panakkukang, DILo (Digital Innovation Lounge) a Creative Camp developed by Telkom, as a center of interaction between enthusiasts and digital creative industry players in the city of Bandung aimed at creating Digital Preneur seeds which are then ready to enter the industry (Creative Center). In the Creative Camp, the digital creative community will be given an understanding of the direction that should be traversed to enter the digital creative industry, including the direction of the potential industrial sector to go through. 


By becoming a DILo member , you get the following benefits:

DILoPAD (Pre Startup Development)

Digital talent development program to build a new startup with Pre incubation and the assistance of experienced mentors


Free Co-Working Space

Free co-working space facilities throughout DILo spread throughout Indonesia



Community Gathering, Expert Session, DILo Goes to Ecosystem, DILo Hackathon Festival, Seminar, Workshop and others


Game Academy

Creative Nation's digital / online game product incubation program


DILo Digital Talent Professional

Digital talent development program that wishes to become experts in developing digital products, which can be in the form of hackers, hipsters, and hustlers


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Confie - Makassar City - Makassar City Confie - Makassar City - Makassar City
Jalan Penjernihan Raya, Kompleks PDAM No.7, Karampuang, Panakkukang, Makassar City
South Sulawesi 90000 Indonesia