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Name: Jogja Digital Valley - Yogyakarta - Yogyakarta

Address: Jl. Kartini No.7, Terban, Gondokusuman, Yogyakarta Indonesia 55223 Indonesia


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is the second ICT business incubator developed by TELKOM after BANDUNG DIGITAL VALLEY to complete the digital creative ecosystem, which aims to increase the number of developers for games, edutainment, music, animation and software services, especially in the city of Yogyakarta and surrounding areas. JOGJA DIGITAL VALLEY will be a very strategic place for potential individual developers and startup companies to supply creative content for IT products and services that will be actively offered to the booming IT market, one of which is through online and offline distribution networks. TELKOM throughout Indonesia and other countries. At present, TELKOM has reached more than 150 million customers, 220 thousand small, medium and large scale companies, and has business in 10 other countries.

As a resource center, JOGJA DIGITAL VALLEY is supported by various competencies built from existing communities. The funding aspect for start-up companies will also be supported through an incubation program. JOGJA DIGITAL VALLEY will also provide education and business assistance for all developers both technical and business competencies so that each developer can commercialize the results of innovation in a planned and targeted manner. JOGJA DIGITAL VALLEY also provides complete support facilities from the development, design, to commercialization stages.



In the short term, JOGJA DIGITAL VALLEY will provide guidance both from a technical and business perspective in developing content-based solutions and applications that can benefit both the community and industry. Technical assistance will be provided in the form of learning and assistance in developing applications, disseminating information about developing trends, testing applications and others. Business guidance will be provided in the form of business learning such as market opportunity analysis, business model development, assistance in how to sell and others.

In carrying out this mission, JOGJA DIGITAL VALLEY is managed professionally by MIKTI (Indonesian ICT Creative Industries Society), a non-profit organization whose mission is to encourage the growth of digital creative industries in Indonesia. With the collaboration between TELKOM and MIKTI consisting of professionals and entrepreneurs in the digital creative industry in Indonesia, it is hoped that the benefits provided to the developer community will be more optimal.

In the long run, JOGJA DIGITAL VALLEY has a mission to encourage and accelerate ICT self-sufficiency, especially applications and content, so that it is expected that in the future all application needs and majority content will be met by domestic developers, in addition we can also begin to perform regionally and internationally.



Indigo Creative Nation is a concrete manifestation of Telkom Indonesia in encouraging the growth of the digital industry through Incubator and Accelerator Digital Startup Indonesia programs, from the pre-incubation stage (ideation) to accessing funding (funding).

The implementation of the whole INDIGO series of activities also aims to campaign for the DIGITAL Indigo Culture, which consists of:

Dignity: persistence & consistence in doing work
Awareness in ourselves as a dignified nation, holding high discipline, determination, and consistency to continue working to do the best for our nation and country in digital form.

Innovation: continuous innovation
Always trying to find new ways to solve a problem. Make things better, more productive, and more positive.

Governance: credible process for better performance
Everything must be done in an appropriate manner and positioned in its place, so that better performance is obtained by not violating the rules that have been set previously.

Integral: holistic, independent, synergy, co-evolution
DIGITAL culture invites us to think holistically, share and cooperate, and the principles of growing together in harmony.

Transparency: open & sharing culture The
principle of openness in digital culture which is characterized by a strong desire to share and collaborate must be put forward by building trust (trust) among community members.

Appreciative: mutual respect user - creator, based on trust
Mutual respect the rights and works of copyright with each other, so that positive interactions occur between creators, business people, regulators, users and other stakeholders.

Legal: compliance, be legal
The need for better recognition and understanding of legal aspects, so as to reduce acts of piracy of copyrighted works. and protection of the nation's copyrighted works.

To achieve this goal, the INDIGO program defines the program stages as follows:

AWAKE, raising awareness to the public and inspiring people to new opportunities in the digital creative industry.

INSPIRE, Through story telling how and why the creative industry is growing and developing, From Zero to Hero, looking for superior seeds that are expected to be successful in managing a business / digital creative industry through creative ideas and existing networks.

CONNECT, creating an ecosystem that links creative industry chains from upstream to downstream into products / services that will be marketed into TELKOMGroup products / services.

ENGAGE, Inviting the participation of the public and the community of lovers to build harmonious and sustainable emotional relationships with digital creative industry actors / figures.

The INDIGO program began as an appreciation program for individuals or groups who were considered successful in creating digital creative work and providing benefits to the wider community, as well as encouraging the growth of new digital entrepreneurs in the industry.

The next big step taken by TELKOM in relation to the INDIGO program took place at the end of 2011, as an implementation of the CONNECT program phase which aims to create an ecosystem that links the creative industry chain.

Pada tanggal 20 Desember 2011 TELKOM meresmikan Bandung Digital Valley yang berlokasi di TELKOM RDC Gegerkalong. Fasilitas inkubasi ini menjadi environment ideal dan nyaman bagi para pengembang untuk melakukan ideation, kreasi dan inovasi berbagai solusi ICT. Bandung Digital Valley adalah salah satu pusat inkubasi yang dikembangkan TELKOM sebagai titik awal untuk mendorong percepatan pembangunan ICT untuk industri-industri lokal seperti pengembang aplikasi, penyedia konten dan penyedia solusi.

On the other hand, TELKOM's use of the Indonesia Super Highway as the backbone of ICT infrastructure needs to be optimized by developing a variety of applications and content that is beneficial to the industry itself and the community. This is also the background of TELKOM to encourage this industry through the development of ICT ecosystem in Indonesia.



JDV has a capacity of 50 developers with an area of ​​800 square meters and provides convenient support facilities for developers.



Meeting room as a place to meet partners and share knowledge with complete facilities that can be used freely by the community.



Creative Desk and Private Working Room where digital Startup personnel can develop application solutions and content.

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