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Name: Outpost - Ubud - Ubud

Address: Jl. Raya Singakerta Jl. Raya Nyuh Kuning, MAS, Bali, Ubud Indonesia 80571 Indonesia


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Destination: Jungle Paradise

Ubud is a mecca for location-independent professionals looking for a slice of paradise. Set amongst lush rice fields, monkey-filled jungles and Balinese temples, Ubud is the cultural heart of Bali. Along with its rep for yoga and mindfulness, Ubud is an energetic entrepreneurial hub. At Outpost Ubud, we’ve set up the perfect remote neighborhood so you’ll feel at home and productive from the moment you arrive.

Our coworking hub serves up modern jungle chic, with light-filled rooms and stunning views. Our coliving villas offer serene surrounds and cozy rooms. Once you’ve settled in, there’s a packed schedule of events, talks, meals and adventures with our community.


Feel immediately at home at Outpost Ubud. We’ve created boutique coliving in our Bali-style villas and studios, to allow for connection, comfort and privacy. Each room has an en-suite bathroom and a comfortable king-size bed. You’ll share a pool, communal kitchenette and lounge with your fellow Outposters. Retreat in comfort or get to know the community through our weekly meals and events.

The villas are a short ride or walk to our coworking space and the surrounding neighborhood.


- Private Room

- En-suite bathroom

- Powerful internet

- Private swimming pool

- Breakfast included

- Air conditioning

- 24/7 access to Outpost coworking



Our coworking space is designed to ensure you’re productive, connected and comfortable. Outpost Ubud offers up a contemporary, light-filled work environment. Our ground floor opens up into a large, air-conditioned focus zone perfect for concentration. Upstairs is a breezy collaboration space and a balcony with stunning ravine views (you’ll want to snag a seat up here for golden hour!). We have comfortable chairs and both sitting and standing desks.

There are meeting rooms available for short or long-term bookings, dedicated conference rooms and Skype booths. Outside, chill in our lush garden space, grab a coffee in the kitchen and follow the steps to the river to find our jungle pool.



- High-speed internet

- 24/7 access

- Air-con workspaces

- Swimming pool

- Private offices & rooms

- Skype booths

- On-site café

- Printer & scanner



Join the neighborhood

Make Outpost Ubud your home base during your time in Bali. We’ve designed livework options to meet the needs of location-independent professionals and remote workers.



You’ll see Cowie’s face as you walk in the door. She’ll help you learn the ropes and give you the inside scoop on what’s good in the ‘hood.



As our coliving concierge, Wika is most likely the first person from our team you will meet! Need a recommendation for a place for dinner? Want to extend your stay? Wika is your man.



Our General Manager, Remy, always has a big smile on his face. It's hard not to be charmed by his thick French accent. Ask him about our space, your membership or whatever's on your mind.


About Us

We created Outpost to give you — the location-independent professional, remote team, or career ladder escapee — the freedom to design your best life. 

Our goal is to give you the power over the decisions of where to work, when to work and who to work for — all to create a life of balance, driven by purpose.

Outpost provides the support to a life beyond the cubicle-based, career-ladder hustle. We are in idyllic, culturally-rich destinations. Our neighborhood model combines living and working spaces with training opportunities surrounded by a rich, welcoming community.

When you stay with us — whether for a week, a month, or longer — you’re able to concentrate on your projects, AND explore new ideas, cultures and environments. 

We also are a proud member of the communities where we operate. We partner with local organizations and business, which provide members genuine experiences, member discounts and the ability to give back with meaningful impact.


Our Values



Connection is what makes us human. We might roam the world, but we don’t want to explore alone. And in today’s social media-driven world, it’s sometimes hard to make genuine relationships. Each Outpost offers a diverse, supportive community of global citizens.




To make the world a better place, you need to be a part of it. Our founders began Outpost because of their experiences on the road exploring, working and creating. They saw that life abroad presents opportunities to question one’s beliefs, and to discover and integrate to new ones. Exploring is about place, but it’s more about the experience: of meeting the world beyond your doorstep, about learning and discovery. As Rumi says, “What you seek is seeking you.”




Change is constant, so we believe in embracing every opportunity to learn and grow. We embrace the principles of design thinking and growth in all our Outpost neighborhoods. We see our community taking part in collaborative creation on projects, ideas and adventures. Our training programs encourage professional and personal growth. Our rich series of events and workshops are an invitation to live a broad, bold, location-independent life.

Rate Card:

• Colive & Cowork - Nightly : $68
• Colive & Cowork - Weekly : $339
• Colive & Cowork - 4 Weeks : $1,039
• Colive & Cowork - 12 Weeks : $2,751
• Cowork - Lite Pass : $49, IDR 680,000 / monthly
• Cowork - Medium Pass : $115, IDR 1,625,000 / monthly
• Cowork - One Pass : $190, IDR 2,700,000 / monthly
• Cowork - One Pass+ : $210, IDR 3,000,000 / monthly
• Daily Rate (8am-midnight) : 16 USD / 220,000 IDR
• Night Owl (5pm-8am) : 110 USD / 1,500,000 IDR
• 3 Months ONE PASS Unlimited : 545 USD / 7,290,000 IDR
• 3 Months ONE PASS Unlimited + (Dedicated Desk) : 575 USD / 8,100,000 IDR
• Office for 5 People - Month : $1,200 USD, 16,000,000 IDR
• Office for 5 People - Week : $400 USD, 5,330,000 IDR
• Office for 5 People - Day : $95 USD, 1,340,000 IDR
• Office for 5 People - Hour : $20 USD, 270,000 IDR
• Office for 5 People - Member Rates, Hour : $10 USD, 135,000 IDR
• Office for 3 People - Month : $840 USD, 11,200,000 IDR
• Office for 3 People - Week : $280 USD, 3,730,000 IDR
• Office for 3 People - Day : $65 USD, 940,000 IDR
• Office for 3 People - Hour : $15 USD, 190,000 IDR
• Office for 3 People - Member Rates, Hour : $7 USD, 95,000 IDR
• Office for 2 People - Month : $600 USD, 8,000,000 IDR
• Office for 2 People - Week : $200 USD, 2,670,000 IDR
• Office for 2 People - Day : $50 USD, 670,000 IDR
• Office for 2 People - Hour : $10 USD, 140,000 IDR
• Office for 2 People - Member Rates, Hour : $5 USD, 70,000 IDR

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Hubud - Ubud - Ubud Hubud - Ubud - Ubud
Monkey Forest Road 88x, Gianyar, Ubud
Indonesia 80571 Indonesia
Outpost - Ubud - Ubud Penestanan Outpost - Ubud - Ubud Penestanan
Jl. Penestanan, Sayan, Kecamatan Ubud, Kabupaten Gianyar, Ubud
Indonesia 80571 Indonesia