Tue, Oct 20 2020

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Name: Graha Office - Surabaya - Surabaya

Address: Graha Pena 15th floor, Jl. Ahmad Yani 88, Surabaya Indonesia 60234 Indonesia


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You are not working to finance your office, but you are making a profit by keeping operational costs to a minimum.

Who said that having a representative office in an office building is expensive?

At Graha Office, you pay far less than you think.

With the cost from Rp 300 thousand per month, we provide rental services of a virtual office ( virtual office ) as   a solution for those who want professionalism in conducting business with efficient, flexible, and productive . You can also focus on making your business grow and develop!

We provide services that help you to have representative offices and facilities and enhance your business image more professionally. In addition to providing virtual office ( Virtual Office ), we also provide rental services office ( Office Room ). We hope to be a part of participating in shaping the ecosystem of the more developed business world, especially among novice entrepreneurs, start-ups, creative businesses, services, consultants, freelancers, and Small & Medium Enterprises (SMEs).

In this increasingly competitive free market era, entrepreneurs need adequate business support facilities such as representative offices, strategic locations, reception assistance, and meeting rooms. However, of course the business supporting facilities require a lot of costs. For this reason, Graha Office is here to help you reduce large office operating costs and manage your business without you having to be in the office in full. With our services, you can still carry out business activities wherever and whenever, even from home though.

Located in a very strategic location and with an affordable and flexible cost makes Graha Office the right solution for your business.

If anything is unclear, we will be happy to help you. Please contact us at:

Tel / Fax: (031) 828 61 55 
SMS: 0856 88 36999 
Mobile: 085 77 59 36999 
Email: info@grahaoffice.com


Office Rental Prices

Change your business address in Surabaya Graha Pena Building enough for a cost of Rp. 300 thousand. It's time for you to go up to class with a prestigious and professional office address.

The advantage:

·  Widely known office buildings (not shop houses, not houses)

·  Large parking area and cheaper subscription

·  No deposit, no setup fee, no minimum contract

·  Payments are flexible and pay only what you need

·  Near the mosque, hotel, canteen, bank, ATM, post, KFC, Dunkin Donuts, PizzaHut, Starbucks

·  Other facilities: AC, electricity, water, 24 hour security, general cleaning

Rate Card:

• Virtual Office - Silver : from IDR 300 thousand
• Virtual Office - Gold : from Rp. 800 thousand
• Office Room - Shared : Rp 2.43 million / month
• Office Room - Private A : Rp 8.93 million / month
• Office Room - Private B : Rp 7,850,000 / month
• Meeting Room : IDR 55,000 / hour
• Meeting Room - 4 Hours : IDR 165,000
• Meeting Room - 8 Hours : IDR 275,000
• Workstation Desk : IDR 30,000 / hour
• Metropolis Room (2nd floor) : IDR 1,500,000 (5 hours)
• Detection Room (Lt 3) : IDR 2,500,000 (5 hours)
• Pena Room (Lt 2) : IDR 3,500,000 (5 hours)

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