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Name: Sentris - South Jakarta - South Jakarta

Address: Jl. Raya RS. Fatmawati, Kebayoran Baru, South Jakarta Indonesia 12410 Indonesia


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Centric Service includes Virtual Office , Provider of Office Space , Lease Office , Serviced Office, which supports you in start up business. Our office location is in the Fatmawati region, South Jakarta , close to TB Simatupang and access to the outer ring road so that it is easily accessible to business people.

To get the best solution for you, immediately contact us via Tel: (021) 2751-5354 or to mobile: 0813-8635-0955.




Sentris.co.id provides Virtual Offfice services for those of you who want to have an office address in Jakarta. Immediately Contact Us to consult the needs of your Virtual Office in Jakarta, which is quite affordable for you small entrepreneurs.




In making a company or business, it certainly does not require a small fee because of the many things that must be prepared and completed, starting from office rent to making a domicile statement for the company . Contact us as soon as possible if you need a Domicile Letter management service .




We meet your needs for office space near the city center, business activities located in strategic areas and reasonably priced. CONTACT US NOW! To get cheap Office Space rental prices!




The process of establishing a PT requires a variety of preparations that are considered very complicated starting from the preparation of documents that are very time-consuming and your energy. Contact us if you want to make PT.


With our Virtual Office service, Sentris will always support your business activities.


Convenient Virtual Office for Business

Have you ever heard the word Virtual Office ? Or maybe some of you are still confused looking for ways to choose a comfortable and attractive ?. The answer is here, because we are a company that is ready to serve your various needs, one of which is to provide virtual office services. Operationally, of course, this can reduce the cost of spending a company or business. Only by paying a cheap monthly virtual office fee, you can already run a business smoothly with a virtual office.


Why Virtual Office?

In providing virtual office services we will help realize your desire to be able to have a workspace that can launch all your company's activities in an instant. Many benefits can be obtained by having a virtual office, one of which is no need to rent a building or office as a place of work.

With this virtual office service, there are now many companies or businesses that can benefit more and be able to access and work anywhere and anytime.

With advances in technology, the virtual office is now beginning to be glimpsed because of the low cost of renting an office and certainly makes many people who want to more easily manage their business or company by using virtual office services.

Benefits of Virtual Office Services

In addition to the various advantages of having a virtual office that has been described previously, there are actually other benefits that you can get by having a virtual office. The following will explain the advantages of virtual office for your company or business.

1. Getting Pride
As a supporter of company or business activities, you can publish your office address by renting a small space in a strategic business location. However, operationally all company or office activities can be done in your home, or anywhere. In this case, it will grow a pride that the company or office owned has a permanent business location.

2. Save time
By having a virtual office, now you and your employees no longer have to bother thinking about office hours and the traffic jams they must face. With only a virtual office rental, work or business activities can be done anywhere and anytime. Therefore, virtual office really saves time, costs and can increase the work productivity of your staff.

3. Being able to attract the interest of prospective clients
By having a permanent office address, it can directly facilitate prospective clients to be interested and want to work together.

4. Save on expenditure budgets
By using an inexpensive virtual office , companies can save on office rental costs while at the same time reducing other operational costs such as telephone, electricity, water, cleaning and other needs.

Seeing the many benefits of having a virtual office, it is not wrong if you try to use our virtual office services. In addition to the benefits above, you will get many opportunities to further advance the company or business that you have.
So what are you waiting for, immediately take advantage of our virtual office services for the progress and success of your company and business by contacting us here .


Virtual Office – Bronze

- Mailing address

- Company Address

- Telephone Answering


Virtual Office – Silver

- Amenities

- Mailing address

- Company Address

- Telephone Answering

- Company Email Address

- Meeting Room

- Free Visitors Drinks


Virtual Office – Gold

- Mailing address

- Company Address

- Telephone Answering

- Call Forwarding

- Company Email Address

- Meeting Room

- Free Visitors Drinks

- Corporate Website

- Letter of Ket. Domicile

Rate Card:

• Virtual Office - Bronze : Rp. 250,000 / month
• Virtual Office - Silver : Rp. 350,000 / month
• Virtual Office - Gold : Rp. 700,000 / month

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