Tue, Oct 20 2020

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Name: Cre8 - North Jakarta - PIK Avenue

Address: Jl. Pantai Indah Kapuk Boulevard, North Jakarta Indonesia 14470 Indonesia


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Who We Are

All our event spaces are professionally managed and owned by vOffice x Cre8 - The largest virtual office, serviced office and coworking space provider in Indonesia.

You can be assured that the facilities are well managed and kept and that our professional and helpful team is ready to assist you.


What We Can Help U With

- Seminar

- Suprise Party

- Product Launching

- Meeting

- Movie Screening

- Creativity Videos

We can also assist you with your event planning, conceptualizing, invitation, hosting and more


Why Us

Blankspace event space is designed to suit all kinds of event setup. With Cre8 you don't have to go some place else for all the equipment for your events because we provide all facilities you need to organize your events with no hassle. We know what you need, even before you need them.


Our clients are free to use these facilities:


  • - 50 mbps wireless broadband connection
  • - Microphone & Bose & JBL sound system
  • - White board and colored marker
  • - Pointer
  • - Stationary
  • - Flip chart
  • - Free flow mineral drink, tea and coffee


Above all, it is about you, me and the community.

By founders, for founders

The people behind Cre8 are founders and creator themselves and not executives that sat behind the posh corner office. Our experience in local and global businesses for collectively over 55 years lend us the insight on the unique needs & challenges startups and their founders faces throughout their journey.

We believe that the secret to an exponential innovative culture is by bringing passionate & bright minded people into one space and allow serendipity do it's magic.



Co-Work. Inspire. Collaborate. Co-Succeed

It’s never unpleasant to work where it feels like home. Not just home to individuals, but also to communities. We aim to connect people for real. By providing the correct ecosystem aligned with your needs, you can focus not only on getting your work done, but also to have fun with your social life!

What is Cre8Effect™?

Cre8Effect™ is what happens when you put a couple hundred smart, creative people together in a curated community — a Cre8: Community + Workspace. Quite simply, it’s amazing. It’s proof that we’re better together, that the sum of the parts is greater than the whole. A lot greater, in fact.

In every Cre8 — Community + Workspace, members get to know each other: They’re part of a community, after all. They bump into one another over coffee. They sit next to one another. They talk. They connect. And something new, and amazing happens. In fact, it happens a lot.

It might be an idea.
A referral. A product. Or a company.

Communities create collaborations, and collaborations create something brand­new. You can’t summon up the Cre8Effect™ — nobody knows exactly why, or when it happens. But it does happen.



Cre8 — where work, play and success converge into a culture of innovation. We offer our members working spaces that stretch the boundaries of an office and a community they can build on to become life-long friends.

Cre8's curated Member community will ensure that the startups you surround yourself with are committed to working hard and being successful. The atmosphere fostered in Cre8 will be infectious and inspiring.


Because the best ideas / work often comes from our connections with other people

Cre8 was created because we realized, right at the beginning, that there were thousands of people like us who wanted to work and live differently. We understood that the best ideas and the best work often comes from our connections with other people. We understood that a spark of brilliance could change the entire course of your business.

Rate Card:

• Flexi Desk - Single Location : Rp 1.5 juta per month
• Flexi Desk - Indonesia Passport Access : Rp 1.8 juta per month
• Flexi Desk - Global Passport Access : Rp 2.5 juta per month
• Serviced Office :
• Dedicated Desk : from IDR 2.8 Juta /mo
• Virtual Office - Silver : Rp 600.000 /mo
• Virtual Office - Silver (12 months plan) : Rp 6.500.000
• Virtual Office - Silver (24 months plan) : Rp 13.000.000
• Virtual Office - Gold : Rp 825.000 /mo
• Virtual Office - Gold (12 months plan) : Rp 8.910.000
• Virtual Office - Gold (24 months plan) : Rp 16.830.000
• Virtual Office - Gold+ : Rp 1.100.000 /mo
• Virtual Office - Gold+ (12 months plan) : Rp 11.616.000
• Virtual Office - Gold+ (24 months plan) : Rp 20.064.000
• Virtual Office - Platinum : Rp 1.250.000 /mo
• Virtual Office - Platinum (12 months plan) : Rp 12.750.000
• Virtual Office - Platinum (24 months plan) : Rp 21.900.000
• Call Answering Service : IDR 500.000 /mo
• Call Answering Service - Year : IDR 5 Juta /yr
• Event Space - Class Room (40 People) : Rp. 750.000 / Hour
• Event Space - Event Space (100 People) : Rp. 1.500.000 / Hour

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