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Name: A&B Virtual Office - Bandung - Bandung

Address: Jl. R.A.A. Martanegara No. 56, Bandung West Java 40264 Indonesia


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Our Services

All in one Business Services

Virtual Office

Bandung Virtual Office Rental is the number one and trusted virtual office rental service in Bandung. Come grow your business in Bandung with us

Share Office

Share Office at A&B Office makes office needs for your business easier and cheaper. No need to rent an expensive place and you don't need it.

Business permit

Legality and Licensing Your business becomes something absolute so that your business is legally recognized. Hand over your legality and licensing matters to the A&B Office.

Our Story

A&B Office is present under the management of PT. Multi Deco Indonesia. Starting with our experience and startup partners who need a strategic and representative business place in the city of Bandung, at an affordable price and at the same time able to take care of business legality and licensing. Then present the A&B Office Virtual Office Rental Services, Share Office and Business Licensing in the city of Bandung.

We will assist all legal processing (notary deed and Menkumham's SK) and business licensing (Domicile, HO, SIUP, SITU, etc.) in Bandung until completion.

Come on, realize and grow your business with us.



AnB ( address and business ) office is a provider of office space rental services, a virtual office that has been established since 2014. AnB Office provides a strategic work address for the business you are running. Virtual office is a business address rental service in strategic places such as No. Martanegara street. 56 or Asia-Africa road No. 17 while you do not have an office at that address. A&B Office is a brand under the auspices of the company PT. Multi Deco Indonesia.

You can work from anywhere

Virtual office services give you the freedom to do business from anywhere at your convenience. But you still have an office and all the facilities that will help you in providing the best service to your clients.

Save on your business budget

You do not have to pay customer service, office boy, pay utility bills, the internet and others that support the performance of your office, with us you are free from the burdens of the company mentioned above.

Professional service

You don't have to waste time educating and training your office employees to be professional. We provide professional services to provide the best information to your clients and prospective clients.

Strategic office address

Our office address is located in strategic places, this will be important to increase the confidence of your clients and prospective clients.


Rate Card:

• Starter : IDR. 190
• Standar : IDR. 285
• Bisnis : IDR. 590
• Bisnis Plus : IDR. 690
• Co-Working : IDR. 690
• Share Office : IDR. 1,250
• Private Office : IDR. 5,000

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