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Name: Private Business Office - West Jakarta - West Jakarta

Address: Grand Slipi Tower 5th Floor Unit E - F, Jalan S. Parman Kav. 22-24, Slipi, West Jakarta Indonesia 11480 Indonesia


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PriOffice Virtual Office is located in Grand Slipi Tower , Jakarta Barat with price affordable and facilities complete the solution that allows you to get the service services in the package all - in - one , in which you can obtain the entire facility that we provide in accordance with package that you need . Enjoy the image of a prestigious , friendly business environment without commitment to renting office space .

Services Virtual Office we can provide convenience to the user to use the address of the office , have access to the center of service business that is complete so that you can be when just using the facilities virtual office that is needed in the area of West Jakarta .

Staff we are professionals will ensure every call that is directed to the company you are in tanggapai in accordance with the specifications that you specify . As customers of Virtual Office , call you will be answered with the greeting professionals are then routed to the destination that you want .

In line with the Letter Circular from BPTSP DKI Jakarta that have legalized the manufacture licensing companies through the services of a virtual office , we also understand that the owners of businesses small and / or medium that is currently in development efforts do not have the budget or the amount of funds / fees are sufficient to rent a building in Jakarta . Associated with things that , we also present to offer and provide solutions for you to help and support the businesses you by offering services such .



Located in a pioneering business center, commonly called Slipicon Valley, our PriOfficeServicedOffice location is very easy to reach through all transportation routes close to government offices, restaurants, shopping centers andentertainments.Our Serviced Office rental services are equipped with high standard facilities for working comfort , combined with aesthetic value that can meet the appetite for government offices, restaurants, shopping centers andententments. various kinds of customers. Customers can enjoy shared facilities that surround the reception desk (Reception Desk), meeting rooms (Meeting Room) and lounge that can be used whenever needed.

We provide rental rooms with various sizes and prices that can be adjusted to the available budget. PriOffic understands and is able to efficiently provide the best options for Serviced Office packages in your business activities. You do not need to own, place or manage any aspect that is fundamentally not necessary for your business.

Take advantage of this facility and combine it with our customer-oriented services and rental conditions that are flexible and affordable prices for your business. Reduce overhead expenses for office activities and increase your business efficiency with our Service Office offering.



In line with technological advancements that have progressed in the past 5 years, the work activities also indirectly experienced significant changes, where the current style of work has evolved from before, with the support of existing technology (whatsup, skype, dropbox, face time, line, etc.) business people are now more inclined to work carelessly because they don't see the need for face-to-face meetings. Basically this has also been a long time in developed countries, where workers prioritize effectiveness and efficiency in carrying out their business activities. In line with that, the regional government has also since the beginning of 2016 kept trying to encourage various policies to make it easier both in terms of business start-up procedures and capital.

One of our service facilities is Coworking Space where we believe this service can help creative industry players to create and collaborate with other entrepreneurs. With the additional coworkingspace services, we hope to support every type of business that has high mobility, wherever you are.

With hourly, daily and monthly subscription methods, we guarantee payment flexibility according to your purpose. Enjoy our latest facilities to support business and add to your networking.



The legal aspect is the basis of your business activities. By fulfilling the provisions in force in Indonesia, you can carry out your business activities in accordance with applicable regulations, the Pri Office through experienced consultants in their fields will help provide assistance with necessary requirements, ranging from determining the name of the company, business activities , the scale of the line of business until your company is approved by the Minister of Justice and Human Rights.

Meanwhile, specifically you also need operational licensing to start your business, including but not limited to Company Domicile Certificate (SKDP), Taxpayer Identification Number (NPWP), Company Business License (SIUP), Company Registration (TDP), Foreign Investment, Permanent Business Permit (IUT), management of Business Permit in Tourism, Construction Services Business Permits and other permits according to your needs. The Pri Office always conducts discussion sessions at the beginning of the meeting before starting the licensing process, so that the professional aspects and transparency will be maintained from the beginning of the process until the issuance of permits by the relevant agencies.



The Private Bisnis Office under the auspices of PT Pri Bisnis Indonesia (" Pri Office ") provides practical, flexible and economical resource solutions for the business activities of companies, individuals and / or other legal entities to expand and support their business activities in a short, medium and long term long time. Our virtual office and serviced office provide addresses and office space and other supporting activities located in buildings and in prominent locations in West Jakarta, but at a very affordable cost so it is ideal for those of you who work flexibly. By joining PriOffice you don't need to pay a large fee for rent, cleaning, maintenance and staff for each month (cost efficiency).

With segmentation intended for Young, Professionals and Dynamic Persons, through business activities and consultants who are experts in their fields, Pri Office also supports government policies to increase the number of entrepreneurs in Indonesia and prepare communities and startups in Indonesia to face the Asian Economic Community (AEC) ). In addition, by joining as a Pri Office business partner, you can entrust matters ranging from the use of an office address (virtual office) or the use of a room (serviced office), management of company establishment and licensing so that your company can be more credible and focus on developing activities business. 

In line with the government's efforts to increase the number of entrepreneurs or also known as entrepreneurs or startup companies, the government since the beginning of 2016 has been trying to push through various policies to make it easier both in terms of business start procedures and in terms of legal entity capital, then by professional resources and have a supportive background, a very adequate network in various industries and our client satisfaction level is quite good from time to time, of course we can be your consideration in choosing business partners in setting up business in West Jakarta. 

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