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Name: Lenere Business Suite - South Jakarta - South Jakarta

Address: Epiwalk Jalan Epicentrum Boulevard, Rasuna Said Karet Kuningan, Jakarta Selatan RT.2/RW.5 RT.2/RW.5, RT.2/RW.5, Karet Kuningan, Setia Budi, South Jakarta Indonesia 12940 Indonesia


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About Us

We are an office service provider without the expense of owning or renting an office.

Our virtual and service office allows you to start your business smart. Our products are very affordable, freeing you from all the difficulties of having an office and receptionist. We not only reduce your costs in starting a business, but also improve your business capabilities.

Enjoy your success without being burdened by other fixed and unexpected costs at the smallest risk!

We are the leading virtual office provider. We help you with your office needs, so you only focus on starting or growing your business. At Lenere Business Suite, we are committed to helping businesses to have a well-known office at an affordable cost.

Operating since mid-2013, Lenere Business Suite has solidified its position as a provider of virtual office services and leading service offices in Indonesia by serving more than a thousand professionals and business starters.


Why Choose Us?

Low Cost

The cost is very affordable compared to making your own office.


Competitive Prices

We are ready to equate prices with other virtual offices if there are cheaper than us!


Comprehensive service

Receptionist, office administration, sales & marketing, personnel, accounting & finance, taxation, training & IT.


100% Satisfaction Guarantee

We are ready to return your money if you are not satisfied with our services.


Office Ready to Use

Available office ready for use at economical prices. With the best price that is very affordable, Lenere Serviced Office can be enjoyed with a variety of the best facilities to support your business.


Meeting room

There are ready-to-use meeting rooms with complete facilities to support your business activities. When you conduct meetings, we will ensure that you get enough drinks, a fast internet connection, office needs such as mailing, and printing / scanning of documents.


Facilities in our meeting room:

  • Accommodation for 12 people.
  • Free drinks for some of your meeting participants.
  • Fast internet connection up to 12 Mbps.
  • Projector screen.
  • Power cable / extension.
  • Whiteboard.
  • Air purifier & air freshener.


Office room

Available office space with an area of 40m 2 and 50m 2 . Can be unfurnish or furnish. With the lowest guaranteed prices, office space for 8 to 10 people with five-star office facilities that are complete and comfortable.


Business Establishment

Integrated services are available for business establishment, including CV and PT! Get special promo prices and the most economical guaranteed.


Business Address

We help you with your office address needs, so you only focus on starting or growing your business. At Lenere Business Suite, we are committed to helping businesses to have a well-known office at an affordable cost. Located in the Jakarta CBD in an integrated operating building, known as the Epicentrum Walk. Epicentrum Walk is the center of the crowd and the latest lifestyle that provides a creative atmosphere through three types of room choices: indoor, outdoor and semi-outdoor. These characteristics make Lenere Business Suite the right choice of your office style.

Telephone Reception

There is no way you have an office, but there is no network to receive calls. We present telephone services for ALL available virtual office packages. We will note every interest of your customers / clients and we will provide real time and up to date notifications to maintain your business continuity.

Facsimile Reception

Not only telephone services, we also provide facsimile services that can support communication with your customers. If there is a facsimile intended for your company, we will immediately scan the facsimile and provide a digital scan to you by e-mail in real time and up to date to maintain the continuity of your business.

Receipt of Mail / Packages

The address you use is not just a written address! We receive letters and packages from your customers / clients and store them in a special, safe place. When you want to pick it up, please come to our office, or if your business activities are very high, we can send it via courier service.

Call Forwarding

A special facility for virtual office users of Gold that allows incoming calls to local virtual office numbers to be forwarded directly to mobile phones via 4G technology.

Business Center

We provide various facilities like an office in general. Office activities in general, such as the use of reception, the use of meeting rooms, as well as all correspondence, have been handled by us. So there's no need to be afraid of getting the impression that subscribing to a virtual office means not having an office. Including printers, scanners, projectors and others to support business convenience.

Go Digital

Including business domains, professional e-mail and hosting to support business in the current digital era.


Go Digital Features:

  • Business Domain
  • Unlimited Business E-mail Accounts
  • Unlimited Hosting Storage
  • Unlimited E-mail Storage
  • Unlimited Hosting Bandwidth

Rate Card:

• Virtual Office - Bronze : from Rp.207,500, - / mo
• Virtual Office - Silver : from IDR 279,500 / month
• Virtual Office - Gold : from Rp416,663, - / mo
• Meeting Room : Rp. 90,000.00 / hour (FREE 4 hours / month)
• Office Room :
• Business Establishment :

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