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Name: Estubizi - South Jakarta - Estubizi Business Center

Address: Gedung Setiabudi 2, Jl. HR Rasuna Said Kav. 62, Kuningan, South Jakarta Indonesia 12920 Indonesia


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VOTE Virtual Office

Virtual Office is  translated as Virtual Office or Maya Office, an alternative rental of office space that can save operational costs by up to 95%.

Estubizi is known as the number 1 virtual office service provider in Indonesia. Choose according to your needs.


- For everyone, all ages

- Free Estubizi Network Membership

- Business Address

- Coworking 32 hours / month

- 3 box business card



- Plus website, domain, email

- Free Estubizi Network Membership

- Business Address

- Coworking 32 hours / month

- 3 box business card



- Especially entrepreneurs <25 years

- Free Estubizi Network Membership

- Business Address

- Coworking 32 hours / month

- 3 box business card



- Women only

- Free Estubizi Network Membership

- Business Address

- Coworking 32 hours / month

- 3 box business card



- Especially aged> 50 years

- Free Estubizi Network Membership

- Business Address

- Coworking 32 hours / month

- 3 box business card



- Including VOTE Package

- Free Estubizi Network Membership

- Deed of Establishment of Business (Notary)


- SIUP and TDP



A comfortable shared workspace is supported by a variety of services that can drive your work productivity.

Working at Estubizi Coworking Space has the opportunity to network with figures from diverse business and community backgrounds.

- Free Wi-fi

- Free Coffee & Tea

- Free Event Discount

- Free print

- Meeting Room

- Dedicated Desk


Free and Flexible

The freedom to sit or stand at work maximizes your productivity.

With a cup of coffee or socializing with neighbors in your spare time gives you the flexibility to create a motivating work environment and provide positive energy where you can work better.


Creativity grows

Do you just stop by for a few days every month or put your team on Estubizi?

Several choices of flexible coworking space packages can be adjusted to your work style

With a stylish startup feel and a variety of fantastic programs that can broaden your mind and network.


Interested in joining Estubizi Coworking Space?

Please choose a package according to your needs.


- Free Estubizi Network Membership

- Free for all Estubizi events

- Meeting Room 8 Hours

- Dedicated Desk


You can get all the benefits

The best part is being a member of Estubizi and being able to collaborate with freelancers, startups, entrepreneurs and SMEs to grow your business.


- Free Estubizi Network Membership

- Free for all Estubizi events

- Meeting Room 96 Hours

- 1 Name Card box

- Dedicated Desk


Limited Private Office

Private office users include small and medium scale businesses, entrepreneurs, freelancers, lawyers and corporate branch offices.

One of the biggest advantages of private office services is that it saves investment in furniture and infrastructure such as the internet, telephone & meeting rooms, etc.

At present full estubizi private office services

But if you are interested in this service and are willing to wait, please fill out the form below and our team will contact you as soon as space is available.



Coordination with teams or casual chat with potential business partners, make your business's first impression positive & friendly with meeting rooms supported by Estubizi facilities.

A meeting room is the space that most of your clients spend time. Pitching, meetings, and all professional discussions take place in this space.

- Flat Screens

- HDMI Connection

- Flip Chart

- Free Wi-fi

- Free print

- Projector


Quiet and Comfortable

Meetings become more effective when all individuals involved focus on the discussion of the meeting.

Quiet and comfortable meetings form the focus of the meeting because of the lack of distraction that breaks concentration during the meeting discussion.


More communicative

A communicative and clear presentation helps your explanation to be more easily understood and accepted by your colleagues in meetings.

The facilities we provide can support you to be more communicative in reaching agreements and understanding with your colleagues in the meeting room.


Event Space


Estubizi has two event venues with a capacity of 20-100 participants.
Every week we hold events from technology companies and entrepreneurs.
Whatever event you want to hold. Event Space Estubizi is the perfect place to hold events, classes or conferences.

- Free Wi-fi

- HDMI Connection

- Flip Chart

- Sound

- Stage

- Projector


Flexible to Create Comfort

Each agenda has different management depending on the activities and dynamics of the event.

We will help you to prepare and arrange a room that can support your agenda according to the activities without forgetting the comfort of the participants.


More lively event

Your agenda will be even more alive if supported by devices and facilities that support your event to become more dynamic.

With presentation and audio-visual devices, it will further liven up your show


Membership - Estubizi Network

A community platform for freelancers, startups, entrepreneurs and professionals.

Here we can share information and knowledge with each other, add friendship networks to fellow Members to open collaboration.
You can also consult business with online mentors who are active on the Estubizi Network.


For those of you who want to learn to do business & become part of the Estubizi Network!


Daily business articles and videos that are of interest to you on KnowledgeX

New articles and videos that can enrich insights and ideas to support and grow your business.


Online Consultation with Mentor

Find mentors and business coaches who are experts and experienced as entrepreneurs and also professionals across professions.
Specialists from various fields of business will answer questions and consultations related to your business without having to meet.


Special Price Services for All Estubizi Partners

You will get special prices for a variety of services from all Estubizi Partners to encourage the development of your business.

Special Access to 50+ Coworking Spaces throughout Indonesia

Finding a comfortable workplace while on duty outside the city is not a problem because the coworking space that joins the Estubizi Network will give you access and special prices.


Open Network & Collaboration with Other Members

Like other social media, of course you can get acquainted, network, and open up opportunities to collaborate with other members to develop your business on the Estubizi Network.


Rate Card:

• Virtual Office - Vote A : IDR 350K/month
• Virtual Office - Vote B : IDR 800K/month
• Virtual Office - Vote Y : IDR 250K/month
• Virtual Office - Vote W : IDR 300K/month
• Virtual Office - Vote S : IDR 300K/month
• Virtual Office - Solution Package : IDR 13.5 million
• Coworking Space - Hourly Plan : IDR 50K/2 hours
• Coworking Space - Daily Plan : IDR 100K/day
• Coworking Space - Monthly Plan : IDR 1,100K/month
• Coworking Space - Yearly Plan : IDR 11,000K/year
• Meeting Room :
• Event Space :

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