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Name: Momo - South Jakarta - South Jakarta

Address: Fatmawati Mas Office Block I / 118, Jl. Fatmawati Raya No. 20, South Jakarta Indonesia 12430 Indonesia


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Need a Virtual Office in Jakarta?

1. South Jakarta Virtual Office

Do you need an office in South Jakarta? Please read in full

2. Business Support Legal Services

Company establishment services (PT) Management of Company Domicile, etc.

3. Web Design & Web Management Services

Website for business needs and your personal needs


How do we do it?

  • Fast response
  • Dedicated AO for you
  • Fix fees, no additional fees
  • 24 hour support
  • Provide the best solution


Why do we do it?

We must help small and medium businesses to achieve success in business. Helping you succeed in doing business is our motivation. We want you to have facilities, comfortable doing business and growing with us.

There are no impossible words in this world, for that you must be sure that we can provide the best solution for your business.


Suggestions and Complaints

We are open to the good of our service, for that we provide a means for you to provide advice and input for improving the quality of our services.

Please contact us by sending an email or calling via telephone, our representatives will be happy to receive your input or complaint and of course with the solution that will be provided for you.


Looking for a Virtual Office in South Jakarta?

momo always who helps your business activities. Starting from the establishment of the company, the provision of virtual office located in South Jakarta , office space, Japanese translator, to other extra / customize needs. Immediately consult your needs to us, momo.co.id


Office address

You can use our virtual office address in South Jakarta, Jl. Fatmawati Raya


Document Handling

By using our virtual office address, the correspondence that comes to you can be handled


Telephone Answering

Our virtual office provides a telephone operator who will represent you to receive a call


Fax reception

We will notify you of a fax from the client addressed to you


Meeting room

Our virtual office provides a special meeting room for you for business discussions, presentations etc.


Secretarial services

We can provide a special secretary for you at meetings with your clients or prospects. * Optional


South Jakarta Virtual Office

What is Virtual Office?

Virtual office is a visual office that you can use for your business needs, where you don't need space for your own office. We as a virtual office provider provide our office address for you, telephone numbers for your business and also meeting rooms if at any time you need a meeting room due to the arrival of business guests or your clients.

The obstacle of expensive office rent is one reason users like you use the services of a virtual office provider. In addition, as a businessman or businesswoman, of course you do not want to include your home address as your business address. For this reason, you can use the representative office address provided by us, the Office virtual provider.


South Jakarta Virtual Office Services

In addition, we provide services such as mail handling (reception of correspondence addressed to you), telephone reception, and also provide a meeting room for you. We also provide domicile information management services to company establishment services.

As a virtua office provider in South Jakarta, Momo is ready to help smooth your business from zero until your company is established at a very efficient cost.


Who uses Virtual Office?

Starting a business requires quite high capital if you have to rent an office in a shop, especially in a strategically located office building. For this reason, virtual office is perfect for those of you who are starting to start businesses, small and medium-sized companies, and who do business from home, consultants, translators, opening branch offices or representative offices and other businesses that can be done from home remotely.

Please contact us ASAP at 021-7590-0003 to immediately book a virtual office.


Cheap PT Establishment Services

Establishment of PT Cheap

momo offers services for establishing a PT with an economical package, suitable for start-ups so that it doesn't burden you with your initial capital expenditure.


What you get from the PT Establishment Package:

  • Rent a Virtual Office for 1 year
  • deed of company
  • SK Kemenhumkam Establishment of PT
  • Company domicile certificate
  • Taxpayer Identification Number (NPWP)
  • Trading Business License (SIUP)
  • Company Registration Certificate (TDP)


For those of you who are confused about choosing an agent or provider of services for the establishment of a PT or CV, you are right to visit this website because we really provide your needs for the establishment of PT.

Enough with Rp. 11 million you have obtained a PT with a complete basic permit and has included the rental of a virtual office in momo for 1 year and no additional fees whatsoever.


Select momo as a management service for the establishment of PT

The management of PT establishment that we handle is quite fast because we process everything with our own HR, so the process is easy to predict.

The length of time from the establishment of a PT to the issuance of a TDP permit takes approximately 30 days, and even then it depends on you who must provide the documents required for the permit application. Documents required for the process of submitting your PT must prepare a photocopy of KTP, NPWP, No. Cellphone, email address of each company founder, letterhead, company seal.


Other Momo services

Remarks Domicile

Besides providing Virtual Office, Office Space, etc. We also take care of Company Domicile Certificate which is an absolute requirement for your company so that you can quickly start your business legally and can take care of other necessary permits such as NPWP, SIUP, TDP and others.


Website Design for Your Business

Website has become a necessity for a company or business because it concerns the credibility of a company. Besides credibility, the company can also offer product services that are produced through the website.


Our web design places the aesthetic element as a very important element in the website


Your website is smooth and easily accessed by visitors so that they are comfortable viewing your website

User Friendly

Design admin login website so that users / you can update your website contetn yourself


Benefit if you have a website

Can reach a wider market

Unlike an office that is permanently domiciled, having a website means you can show the world that you have the business, service or product that you offer.

Anyone, Anywhere, Anytime

The list of products or services that you offer can be accessed by anyone, anywhere and anytime, even though your office is closed because it is outside working hours, everyone can still know the product or service that you offer.

Website as a publication tool for your business

By having a business website, you can publish and advertise your own products / services to the public, so that the public gets complete information about the products / services that you offer.


Today, there are many practices of misuse of brand use with commercial purposes. But by having a website, you have been able to protect your business brand.


Today's businesses will ask your website address to find out the profile, products / services that you offer. Do not underestimate the ownership of a website.


What should I do?

Contact us for a consultation

Contact us immediately so you can consult how you can have a website and we will explain it in detail to you

Provide your company profile & company data

You must provide your company profile, product / service list, business logo for us to create a website. If you don't have a company profile, company logo or want to create a new company profile / logo, please consult with us


MOMO provides a good alternative for you in the needs of virtual office,
office space, web design, company establishment services and business licensing



MOMO is a business unit in cooperation with PT. Pelangi Inti Net and SingCat Network .
PT. Pelangi Inti Net was founded in 1999 beginning with the field of VOIP communication for international services.
Looking at technological developments and market needs, we are starting to expand into the realm of office rental services, virtual offices and other service businesses aimed at local customers and also foreign institutions located in Indonesia.
We look forward to accommodating your needs well and want to help you develop your business or organization.


Our service:

  • Provision of Virtual Office
  • Provision of Office Space
  • Web design
  • Establishment Management Services of PT
  • Business Licensing Services


Why do we do it?

We provide virtual office services, rent office space, web design and web management services, etc. to help your business grow and become stable in the business arena you are in.

Our contribution as a service provider, we feel is enough to help you achieve success in business with efficient costs. For that reason, we always hear your opinion, handle your complaints so we can better provide service for you.

Rate Card:

• Virtual Office :
• Virtual Office Package - Basic : Rp. 250K / month
• Virtual Office Package - Business : Rp. 450 rb / month
• Virtual Office Package - Professional : Rp. 750 thousand / month

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