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Name: Waterman - Melbourne - Caribbean Park

Address: 44 Lakeview Dr, Scoresby, Melbourne Victoria 3179 Australia


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Gone are the days of concrete jungles and cubicles as the office norm. At Waterman, our lush outdoor settings allow you to enjoy a breath of fresh air during your everyday working life. It’s time to step outside of ‘ordinary’ and into Waterman Caribbean Park.

Combining the existing resources and amenities of one of Australia’s largest business parks with the real community and dedicated support of Waterman Business Centres, you’ll have access to an exciting working environment that is ideal for escaping the daily grind. Experience what it means to achieve work-life balance at Australia’s largest business centre.



  • 200m to the Eastlink Freeway
  • Over 450 acres of greenspace and parkland
  • 30km to Melbourne CBD
  • Running and cycling tracks



  • 8000sqm across 4 floors
  • Private offices ranging from 6-400sqm
  • 100-seat training room
  • 50+ bookable meeting rooms
  • Secure underground parking
  • Indoor Basketball court
  • 100sqm indoor ‘jungle room’
  • Views of the Dandenong Ranges
  • Outdoor lounges, BBQ areas and meeting spaces
  • Pinnacle Health Club Gym
  • Childcare centre



You've just started your new small business? Is it all so fast paced and do you just want a place that offers a desk on demand? Our Membership Plus Package is a perfect option for you!


  • Part timers
  • Freelancers
  • Remote Workers
  • Entrepreneurs



Providing the ultimate flexible working environment, hot desking is designed for people who are seeking a productive workspace but don’t require it on a full-time basis. Work in vibrant breakout spaces designed to enhance productivity, encourage the incubation of new ideas and facilitate a work-life balance.

With diverse business lounges, no two work days need to be the same. Remove the isolation, join the community and be inspired in an environment where collaboration flourishes. Our coworking spaces are key to our culture of community. You never know where your next innovative concept or awe-inspiring business idea will come from – it might even come from the person sitting next to you.


If a business hasn’t taken off quite enough to require full-time attention, there’s no need to get caught up in the costs of a private office or full-time Membership Plus. Sign up for the $30 Membership to work at your own pace and in your own way from any of our stunning business lounges. Spaces include:

  • bustling incubator spaces
  • green-heavy rainforest rooms
  • outdoor courtyards
  • barstool seating
  • couch seating
  • bean bags
  • quiet rooms

You’re guaranteed to find a place you can feel comfortable working in. Not to mention, you can change the business lounge you hot desk from every day until you find the space that works best for you.

As a Waterman Member, you still take advantage of all our amenities, high speed internet, access to meeting rooms and friendly staff. More than anything, though, you’re in the company of many other great business minds. All potential clients and advocates of your product as well as service givers if you’re ever looking for something you need, too.

This is the most alluring part of having a Waterman Membership. Some small business owners begin by hot desking in our business lounges, then grow within their coworking space mostly off the leads they generate from other coworkers!



Here are some of the possible reasons why hot desking could be right for you.

  • Side business you’re only working on during weekends or off days?
  • Travel-heavy business where you’re not sitting at a desk often but need a base of operations?
  • Need a place clients can meet you where you can choose the location based on the client?
  • Managing a start-up but haven’t got the capital for a private office yet?
  • Simply enjoy working around strangers and networking?

These are just some examples of people who would love a hot desk and could utilize one to its fullest potential.



Your own full time desk with lockable storage designed to encourage inspiration and collaboration alongside other likeminded co-workers.


  • Soloists
  • Everyday Use
  • Networking & Collaboration
  • Start-ups



Your private office with your own fitout, expandable to accommodate teams of 1 to 100 and made to grow with your business.


  • Satellite Teams
  • Companies of 2-100
  • Confidential or private work
  • Professional Services



Whether you’re launching a new small business with your best mate or need more space for your business after hiring great talent, a services office space is great for your team’s internal collaboration and communication.

With a healthy mix of seclusion and the option to step out into the collaborative coworking space and mingle, shared office spaces provide an exclusive incubation space for your team while allowing for the creation of valuable relationships with other businesses.



Including the basics for any small business owner, a serviced office is a workspace with the essentials of desk, chair and phone line, plus everything beyond the basics like a thriving business community at your doorstep and engaging events to keep you active at work!

You’ll have the benefit of enjoying privacy and size of your choice from our range of available sizes and safe storage so you can leave your business items overnight without taking chunks of work and technology home with you.

We can even work with you on creating the fit-out you require for you and your staff.



Offices are for business owners who are both established and starting up that need the permanence of a dedicated desk but have too much stuff to fit on one desk. For example, if you’re utilising several computer screens, diaries, planners, calendar spreads, forms, print-outs, etc. you may find a dedicated desk a little restrictive.

Another important factor a business owner might consider is privacy. Lawyers, banks, financial advisors, etc. who handle sensitive, confidential information may not want to work on a desk where their information is open to prying eyes. A serviced office offers that necessary security; however, all one needs to do is swing their office door open and they’re out in the collaborative coworking space. It’s the best of both worlds.

Those who have been on the search for an office space before may have noticed that most commercial office spaces offer little more than the paint on the walls and the floor under your feet. So, the price looks great but not as great once you’re out shopping for business phone & internet bundles, a sturdy desk, a swivel chair (every credible business has one), and so on.

Once you’ve done that, you’ll have to see where the nearest place for coffee is, where there is a communal kitchen and bathroom (if any) and the list goes on and on. After the laundry list is complete, you’ll then need to keep the place clean yourself, wasting valuable work time, or you’ll need to spend extra on someone else to do it for you.

It’s all quite a hassle and becomes far more expensive than was originally expected. A good serviced office can take away so much of that pain by providing the basics while you bring the technological equipment. This way, you’re operational faster which means less down time for your business!



If you’ve been looking for a place your business can call home for too long and your total expenses are getting messy between rent, phone, internet and your personal expenses, then maybe a fully serviced office is more your speed.

At Waterman, besides the aforementioned benefits, you’ll also have:

  • Access to our Community Managers who exist to help you settle in, meet neighbouring tenants and introduce you to contacts you might need in your business.
  • Access to networking events aimed at strengthening the business community and encouraging collaboration.
  • Access to communal kitchen, bathrooms, recreational areas and outdoor spaces.

And this is just to name a few.

Serviced offices are also great for those who are moving their business out of home and are used to their own space. That can be a tough adjustment to just hop straight into an open pool of people when peace and quiet is something you’re used to.

A serviced office offers the best of both those worlds.



The $30 Membership is your entry to Waterman! Try out the unlimited hot desking at any of our 3 centres, maybe you'd like to network with like-minded entrepreneurs or you might be looking for a membership just for meeting rooms. We've got it all!


  • Start Ups
  • Travelling Business People
  • Freelancers without an office



The $30 Membership is your entry to Waterman! Try out the unlimited hot desking at any of our 3 centres, maybe you'd like to network with like-minded entrepreneurs or you might be looking for a membership just for meeting rooms. We've got it all!


  • Start Ups
  • Travelling Business People
  • Freelancers without an office



- Unlimited hot desking during business hours
(9am - 5pm Monday to Friday)

- Access to our 3 premium Waterman centres

- Access over 100 meeting rooms & breakout spaces

- Unlimited high speed internet

- Access to our exclusive Waterman community events

- Belong to an incredible network of like-minded entrepreneurs

- No lock-in contracts



In a fast paced, ever changing world, people can now work from pretty much anywhere. Home can be unproductive and lonely, while typical office space is inflexible, boring and expensive.

Welcome to a revolution in business. Welcome to Waterman – a place to work, connect, collaborate and create with like-minded people.

Waterman supports all business ventures by offering spaces to suit any workplace needs. Small through to large office spaces, meeting rooms, hot desks, dedicated desks, lush, green, light-filled atriums, and lightning fast internet are just a few ways Waterman can change your working world for the better. Networking, social opportunities and a feeling of community will inspire your desire to create something remarkable.




With a clear plan to build multiple centres in strategically placed, iconic areas around Melbourne, our already remarkable offering will only get better by creating a network of flexible workspaces that enable you to grow.



We’re convinced that isolation is one of the key reasons why so many business owners fail to maximize their potential. Creating environments that foster relationships and encourage genuine collaboration is the heart of our “why”. It’s what sets our business centres apart.



Our unique ‘Start 21’ and ‘Support 12’ programs combined with business planning resources, support managers, staff development services and relevant workshops are not just a nice add on - they are essential to why we are successful.



We simply love small business. We are truly inspired by their courage, their wonderful entrepreneurial spirit and their willingness to back themselves — no matter what.

But we also know that small business is tough, risky and has no guarantees. The unfortunate reality is that many small businesses don’t make it; bowing out with dented pride or broken spirit. The majority fall short of their true potential and never live out their dream.

We’re convinced that we can change this dramatically. Our deep conviction is to become legendary in the business centres we build, the communities we create and the support systems we provide, so that if you have the right attitude, work ethic and heart, success can be virtually guaranteed.


The ripple effect of small business prosperity is significant—not only for the owner, their family, friends and local community, but for our city and nation. Each of us hold in our hands the power to do so much good on a grand scale, to contribute to the prosperity of Australia and the wellbeing of its people. We can only get so far on our own, but we believe that together we are capable of achieving so much more.

We believe in love. We believe in never doing the wrong thing. We believe in giving. We believe that our collective genius is far greater than our individual ability. We believe that if something is worth doing, it’s worth doing well. We believe that life is to be lived with laughter, good memories and good friends. Above all, we believe that people matter and relationships are everything.

We also believe that a three-minute conversation at the coffee machine, a chance meeting in the hallway or focused feedback given by a seasoned professional can profoundly change a business. We know in our hearts that the wellbeing of small business owners is more than worth it. That’s why we are so committed to building these environments and we’re not going to give up until we see this dream realised.

That’s why we’re better together!

Rate Card:

• Membership Plus : from $350 per month
• Dedicated Desk : $649 per month
• Leased Offices : from $850 per month
• $30 Membership : from $30 per month
• The Caller : $25 per month with a $30 Membership
• The Local : $45 per month with a $30 Membership
• The Virtual : $45 per month with a $30 Membership
• The Night Owl : $120 per month with a $30 Membership
• The Professional : $320 per month with a $30 Membership

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