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Name: Melbourne Innovation Centre - Melbourne - Alphington

Address: 2 Wingrove Street, Alphington, Melbourne Victoria 3078 Australia


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Alphington is our longest-running site, in operation since 1998. The facility caters to a wide range of business industries including, but not limited to, engineering, manufacturing, accounting, environmental services, construction, and music education.


Alphington boasts both office space and warehouse/workshop space. This site is ideal for startups, as it offers businesses a reasonably priced space that is not too far out from Melbourne city. It is a very accessible, located close to the Eastern Freeway and opposite Alphington train station. Many members commute to work on either bike or train. There are also several trendy cafes and restaurants within walking distance, which is a highlight for many members.

Support staff on site provide critical services upon request such as financial management, basic website development, marketing strategies, networking opportunities and legal/governance knowledge.

In addition to professional services, the business community is a highly appealing aspect of our Alphington site. All businesses are supportive of each other's journey and success, and there are many opportunities to collaborate and network with like-minded entrepreneurs.

Client businesses receive secure access the facility 24/7, as well as the meeting room, communal kitchen, and high-speed internet. 

Get out of the home office and into a supportive business community!



Melbourne Innovation Centre is equipped and excited to help your business succeed! With our internationally acclaimed Business Incubation program, coworking spaces around Melbourne, and our Victoria-wide delivery of the ASBAS digital solutions program, we can help your small businesses at any stage of its journey.

Our Business Incubation program provides you with a knowledge-filled environment to successfully develop your business. We set you up in an office or warehouse space, provide you with mentoring to keep your business on an upward journey, and encourage you to attend our popular training events, and join our inclusive community of entrepreneurs.

Coworking space is accessible at Northcote and Greensborough. Each are dedicated, vibrant spaces that enable members to focus on their venture with the support of a thriving ecosystem. Monthly, weekly, and daily membership packages are available.


Alphington. 2 Wingrove Street, Alphington. General purpose business incubator.

Northcote. 43 James Street, Northcote. Creative and digital arts based incubator and coworking space.

Greensborough. 61 Civic Drive, Greensborough. General purpose business incubator and coworking space.


Melbourne Innovation Centre is governed by a volunteer Board of Directors comprised of members representing key stakeholders in business development and growth in Northern Metropolitan Melbourne.

They include experts, thought leaders and representatives from:

- Local Businesses

- Local Government

- Local Training Providers

- Local Economic Development Agencies

- Graduate Businesses from the Incubator



A business incubator is an organisation dedicated to supporting startups and small businesses by providing various services to accelerate growth.

At MIC, we support businesses by providing office space, ongoing mentoring and support, and a knowledge-rich community. Our incubator provides a nurturing environment for small businesses to develop and grow.

Business incubators are often referred to as a hybrid type of economic development, combining features of entrepreneurship, facilitation and real estate development. 

A typical business incubator can accommodate between 20 and 50 new businesses, depending on the size of the property it is situated on. Business Incubator programs are proven to be highly effective in creating employment, commercialising new technologies and developing local economies. 

A fully operational business incubator would graduate on average 15 businesses per year. Therefore, over a ten-year period, an incubator would “hatch” over 150 new businesses, employing a total of 600-900 people and turning over around $200m per year.



One of our greatest pleasures is supporting our startups, helping them grow, and watching them flourish in our close-knit incubator community. This page offers a sample of our wonderful businesses.


Farmwall  |  Urban Farming

Farmwall is a community-oriented social enterprise that aims to grow fresh, local and natural produce in close proximity to food venues. This groundbreaking concept will provide custom design, installation, and maintenance of vertical farms and fresh produce maintenance systems inside restaurants to provide high-value crops at chefs’ fingertips.

Based at our Alphington business incubator, Farmwall are raising the urban farming bar by growing aquaponic produce, local to food venues and within cafes and restaurants.


Scan-Xpress  |  3D Scanning

Operating out of our digital technology-focused Northcote campus, Scan-Xpress is fixed firmly in the 3D scanning industry. It services design, manufacturing and engineering departments of small to large companies and a range of private clients to assist with their product development.

Owner Kevin Warwick has turned its attention to growing the business and building its capacity through internships and employment.


Star Architecture  |  Architcture & Design

Star Architecture is a design-oriented architect studio where minimal contemporary design meets sustainability. It was founded in 2014. Aleksandra’s primary project types are residential and high-end residential, and her team is dedicated to developing sleek, intelligent designs that identify the architectural potential of a space – and fulfill it.

Aleksandra Rakocevic moved into artDECL at the end of August, 2015. She urgently needed office space for her business due to a large project. That project is still underway, the scale of three projects in one. 


La Sirene  |   Microbrewing

La Sirene is an artisan microbrewery, focussed on modernizing traditional-style beers of French and Belgian origin. The brewery produces small batches of unfiltered and unpasteurized beer, retaining the greatest amount of flavor and character.

Melbourne Innovation Centre has supported La Sirene since the beginning of the recipe development process. 


Luescher Teknik | Specialist Sports Technology

Luescher Teknik is a specialist sports technology business. Business owner Raoul incorporates the work he did at Boeing Aerospace into his repairs, combining the engineering of the bike with aerospace composite materials, while his background in elite sport also puts him in a unique position where he knows the demands of the sport and what can be done to improve performance.


Gourmet Lovers | Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Gourmet Lovers works predominantly with Australian-grown extra virgin olive oil, and has created a range of olive oil and olive oil infusions. 

Gourmet Lovers’ products are sold nationally in Woolworths, Coles, IGA, Myer, and various independent retailers.  The products are exported for sale in Costco in Canada, Japan, Korea, and the United States.


KLEI | Design Practice

Business owners Barbara and Ben started their business in their garage with a small range of ceramics and jewellery manufactured in Melbourne that they traded at local markets. Since migrating into studio space at Melbourne Innovation Centre, the business has grown considerably and they’ve upsized to larger studio space on site. The collection has grown to include womenswear and accessories. 



We strive to support the growth and success of entrepreneurs and startups through the delivery of world-class incubation and acceleration programs. This involves providing the environment and support for local innovative enterprise to sustain and scale, assisting long term economic development and increase in sustainable employment in Melbourne's North.


Melbourne Innovation Centre supports startups via three key delivery methods: mentoring, monitoring, and motivating.




Meet with our industry experts. A quick question or a scheduled appointment - we give every entrepreneur access to mentoring to keep them moving with confidence on their upward journey.




The Melbourne Innovation Centre team keeps track of all startups within the incubator to ensure successful development. 




Stay motivated in the startup phase with our targeted events. We'll keep you inspired and informed. The incubator community also offer encouragement, knowledge sharing and pep talks.



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