Sun, Jan 17 2021

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Name: Alley- Cambridge - Cambridge

Address: 10 Ware St , Cambridge Massachusetts 02138 United States


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Steps away from Harvard Square and MIT this space is powered by Verizon, an influential leader in modern technology. Help expand your ideas with innovation and the soul of the Alley community.

Alley Cambridge is located in the heart of Cambridge, steps away from Harvard Square and minutes away from MIT. Alley Cambridge is powered by Verizon, an influential leader in modern technology. Alley powered by Verizon locations are developed by Verizon, the world’s leading telecommunications company, in collaboration with Alley, a membership-only community workspace for creators. Our coworking space in Cambridge is a curated community powered by the emerging technologies and thought leadership of Verizon. With Alley, Verizon is bridging the gap between start-up and corporation by helping the community workspace build next-level ecosystems for entrepreneurs.


A community that drives connections and provides support to help your business advance.

-High Speed Internet,

-Conference Rooms,

-Member Portal Access,

-Directory of Members,

-Special Membership Perks,

-Community Manager,

-Nursing Room,

-Business Development Services,

-Free Access to our Events,

-Unlimited Coffee, Tea, Cereal,

-Printing & Office Supplies,

-Phone Booths,

-Cleaning Service,

-Weekly Catered Lunch,


Verizon Benefits

Alley closes the gap between small businesses and large corporations. Through our partnerships Alley helps provide resources to our members.

-Verizon APIs including MapQuest,

-Access to Verizon's ThingSpace Platform,

-Verizon Wireless Discounts,

-ENVRMNT AR Designer Kit,

-5G Trial Access,

-Access to Verizon Mentorship.


Rate Card:

• Day Pass : $25
• Weekend Warrior : $175
• Shared Desk : $315
• Dedicated Desk : $475
• Private Office : $675

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