Thu, Jan 21 2021

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Name: Impact Hub - Rome - Rome

Address: Viale Scalo San Lorenzo, 67, Rome Italy 00185 Italy


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Impact Hub is a global network of people and spaces for social innovation: here new ideas and projects take life to change our society for the better. 
From Europe to Asia, from the America to South Africa, we offer spaces and opportunities in these inspiring habitats in more than 80 cities worldwide. Our philosophy is simple: we have blended a professional office, a design environment, a business accelerator and a private club to create a radically new work and meeting space. 

Impact Hub Rome is the coworking and innovation accelerator space with a social impact in Rome where entrepreneurs, creatives and professionals can work in an open environment, develop innovative ideas, be inspired by the work of others and create useful relationships to develop new market opportunities.

Impact Hub Rome was born from the meeting of 15 innovators coming from different backgrounds: economists, entrepreneurs, experts in communication, co-design and sustainability; all united by the idea of building together the center of social innovation in the capital. After 6 years of community activities, events and experiments, our Hub is a reference point for projects with a positive social impact and always forge new ideas and initiatives thanks to the whole Hubber community.


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• Coworking Space :
• Hub Net : 15€
• Hub Cinquanta : 75€
• Hub Cento : 135€
• Hub Unlimited : 200€
• Hub Team :

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