Sat, Jan 23 2021

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Name: Impact Hub - Caracas - Caracas

Address: Fco. De Miranda Avenue with 2nd Avenue Los Palos Grandes, Avila Park Tower, 17th Floor Chacao, Piso 17 Chacao, Caracas 1060 Venezuela


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We are a community of entrepreneurs that seeks to generate positive impact in our society and create a better, more just and sustainable world.

We belong to a global network of collaborative spaces, entrepreneurship communities and capacity-building programs that inspire, connect and enable impact.

We are more than 17,000 members with presence in more than 102 places in more than 60 countries, in all continents. We are convinced that we can all generate positive impact and we want to support those who have not yet discovered how to do it.

We focus on inspiring, connecting and empowering all those who believe in entrepreneurship as a factor of sustainable development for our country and the world.

More than 158 entrepreneurs. Inspirational workspace. Offices of open work space. Booking of meeting rooms . Dazzling events Various acceleration programs. More than 100 locations globally.


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Av. Francisco de Miranda Centro Lido Torre D Ofic 41-D El Rosal, Caracas
Caracas 1060 Venezuela