Fri, Jan 15 2021

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Name: Impact Hub - Berkeley - Berkeley

Address: 2150 Allston Way, Suite 400, Berkeley California 94704 United States


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Impact Hub Berkeley is closing at the end of April so for our last event we’d like to welcome everyone, whether you’re a member or not, to come out to our Networking Event & Closing Party.

Impact HUB, supports social entrepreneurs and impact investors in building sustainable businesses that drive long-term social and environmental change. We are part of the global Impact Hub network of more than 11,000 members. The Impact Hub locations in San Francisco and Oakland are not closing.

In 2007, London's original Impact Hub held a 2-year birthday meeting. People from cities around the world showed up, hoping to build a hub of their own. Berkeley was chosen as U.S. ground zero, to prove the co-working concept worked here. Berkeley's Hub found roots in the majestic eco-friendly Brower Center, which opened, along with the first Impact Hub in America, in 2009. We're next to the UC-Berkeley campus.

Berkeley Impact Hub, still mission-driven, now anchors a thriving community. It's expansive windows, natural light, air quality, and upcycled materials create an open space to bring people together. Overhead, the roof's sculpted awnings orient solar panels towards the sun. Inside, members find wifi, coffee/tea, privacy booths, printing, frequent events, discounted event and meeting space rentals, and more.

We're a certified B Corporation, meeting higher social and environmental standards, which empowers our community. We source from B Corps., too. From our launch celebration, attended by 800 people, to the dozens of organizations and individuals who now work here, Berkeley Impact Hub draws an exceptional community of entrepreneurs, activists, creatives, and professionals.

Our earliest members included, Job Rooster, Good Capital, CoFed, Sustainable Economies Law Center, Hub Ventures, Ashoka Youth Ventures, and SENDA. Each new Impact Hub Berkeley member has helped to weave "the fabric of social innovation" as Tim Freundlich, one of our founders, said. You can do good here.



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