Sun, Jan 24 2021

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Name: Office Nomads - Seattle - Office Nomads

Address: 1617 Boylston, Suite 200 , Seattle Washington 98122 United States


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If you have the ability to work from anywhere, why not work alongside others? Come find the coworkers you've been looking for and get inspired.

Office Nomads is an intentional coworking space – as a member you become part of a group of independent workers who face similar issues and have a diverse set of skills to meet any task.

Working independently doesn’t mean sacrificing a support system. You'll have opportunity to both provide and receive support here.

Office Nomads is a coworking community in Capitol Hill, Seattle. We are dedicated to cultivating a dynamic, creative and collaborative environment for Seattle’s nomadic workforce. We believe that by working together we can accomplish more than we could alone, and we'd love for you to join us.


Rate Card:

• Advocate : $30/month
• Part Time : $100-$240/month
• Resident : $395/month
• Student : $50/month
• Teams : $360-$720/month
• Day Pass : $20

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