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Address: 51 R. Irmã Gabriela , São Paulo São Paulo 04571-130 Brazil


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Embrace São Paulo’s ambitious nature in the bustling city buzz of Berrini Avenue. Spaces Berrini is sure to draw your attention with its stunning architecture and overall design. This spacious location offers a multitude of fully equipped workspaces, designer meeting rooms and a business club filled with like-minded individuals. It’s not just a place where we brew really good coffee, it’s a place that is suited perfectly to brew your next big business idea.

When you’re in need of some inspiration, just take a look out the window from one of our breakout areas or escape to the sunny outside terrace for an instant recharge. Dig into the vibe of the surrounding areas where you’ll find entertainment around any corner. Take your pick from a huge selection of cozy restaurants, comfy hotels and plenty of retailers and cultural views to take your busy mind off of things.

Why choose Spaces Berrini.
Located centrally in São Paulo’s vibrant and most important commercial area.
Quick and easy connections to public transport, with nearby bus, train and airport links.
Comfortable, well-equipped working areas with high-speed WiFi, so you can focus on what matters.

Your own office space with flexible contract.
Some businesses do better with their own office space. Somewhere you can post your plans for world domination away from prying eyes.

No matter if you need a few square metres or a few hundred square metres, Spaces can provide you with a perfectly sized environment for you and your team. Set it up the way that works for you and settle in knowing you can access your secure space 24/7 – with full access to the Business Club. And because we know how quickly business can change, we’ll never ask you to sign your life away – our contract terms are flexible and tailored to your specific needs.

Meet new people without leaving the office.
Pick a spot in the business club, a beautifully designed workspace created to facilitate new connections.

Whether you’re mind-mapping, meeting, collaborating or crunching numbers, the designer desks, tables, sofas, super-fast wifi and informal meeting areas provide the perfect place for every business need. So even if you want a quiet desk Monday to finalise the details of your plan, a large table Tuesday to coordinate with your team, a lunch table Wednesday to meet a new client, and a cozy coffee corner the rest of the week to vet potential candidates — Spaces has all the spaces you’ll need, available on a full-time basis or 5 days or 10 days a month.

Looking for a fixed spot?
A dedicated work station in a space shared with others.

When you don’t need an office of your own but still want a fixed, professional and inspiring place to work, a dedicated desk offers you the flexibility you need. With exclusive access to a specific workstation every day, individual locker storage and all the benefits of the business club, you can connect and collaborate while having your individual space to think and work.

It's nice meeting you.
Planning an off-site meeting, mind-mapping session or seminar? Spaces has the space you need.

Book one of our meeting rooms designed to keep your team or your clients comfortable, creative and focused, and our staff will ensure you have everything you need. From audiovisual equipment and whiteboards to food and beverage service – we’ve got you covered. We know that sometimes getting out of your everyday environment is just what people need to get their creative juices flowing, meeting rooms are open to members and non-members.

All you need, all in one price.
When you join Spaces, you'll get everything you need to work - all in one place, on the same bill.

Everything’s ready, from super-fast wifi to stylish furniture. Not to mention a community of creative entrepreneurs who’d love to meet you. We’ll take care of the dull stuff like utilities and cleaning – all included in one simple price. Then when you want to hold a meeting, fire on some photocopies, or refuel with a cup of coffee, you simply pay as you go. So you always know where you stand. The only surprise is who’re standing next to.

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