Mon, Nov 23 2020

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Name: 1528 Webster - Oakland - 1528 Webster, The Vision

Address: 1528 Webster St., Oakland California 94612 United States


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The Vision

We founded 1528 Webster to create a space where young companies, freelancers, and artists can grow their ideas, connect, and find support and mentorship. As entrepreneurs, we strongly believe in celebrating diverse people and ideas, and the importance of building community.

Our passion comes from our backgrounds in business and our life experiences. We have been collaborators for years, and have launched and sold our own companies and projects. Our goal is to bring together innovative, motivated people who can help push ideas forward, and lend their own experience to the community.


The Community

We’re working to build a culture of creativity and innovation. This is a space where people and companies can collaborate, brainstorm together, and incubate their ideas—either formally, by hiring freelancers and others in the building, or informally, by bouncing ideas off each other as they grab a coffee at the roastery. We invite the following to join us:

- Passionate startups

- Creative freelancers

- Small agencies

- Business leaders

- Experienced mentors


The Space

Built in 1949, 1528 Webster was specifically designed to encourage professional collaboration. But then the 70s hit, the ceilings were dropped, the windows covered, and brown was the color of choice from the walls to the carpet.

We renovated 1528 to promote community, creativity, and collaboration. We raised the ceilings, opened the rooms, and most importantly, we let the light back in, with new windows and the original skylights.

We’ve created sizable personal spaces for heads-down work, collaboration zones for meetings with your team, and buzzing social areas. We even have a coffee shop—Slojoy—that lets you order from your desk. Here are a few of the highlights:

* Natural light—Every seat gets some!

* The alley—In collaboration with local galleries, 1528 Webster features art from Oakland’s best artists, and features rotating murals.

* The patio and garden—Outdoor space where you can take a break, or even work outside.

* The neighborhood—In the middle of downtown Oakland, between the 12th and 19th street BART stations, in a corridor of art galleries, bars, and restaurants, and a short walk away from the Fox and Paramount Theatres.

* The modern kitchen—A shared modern kitchen with all the usual amenities, space to hang out, a TV, and several  collaboration areas.

* Events—From guest speakers to Friday night happy hours, this is meant to be a social place.  Enjoy the music, the art, the people—or host your own event.


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