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Name: Beavercreek Office Suites - Beavercreek - Colonel Glenn Hwy Office Center

Address: 4031 Colonel Glenn Hwy., Beavercreek Ohio 45431 United States


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Beavercreek Office Suites is a locally owned and operated Executive Office Center with over 20 years of combined experience, serving companies who are looking for a professional, full-service, location in the Dayton area. Our individual office suites include high quality amenities on flexible terms, with access to six conference rooms you can book on-demand. Our full-time staff allows our clients to focus on their work as we work behind the scenes to support and navigate day to day tasks. We supply Fiber internet, telephone hardware and service, executive furniture, janitorial, utilities, experienced staff, parking, and 24/7 access. All you need is a laptop or a desktop!

Modern Office'ing is not being tethered to long term leases

Beavercreek Office Suites fits the modern corporate environment where you can be BOTH mobile and stationary on flexible contract terms. Gone are the days of 3-5-7-10 year leases! While we offer them, the majority of companies want their space to be flexible with the changing tides of their business. The truth is most BOS clients end up staying long term because they value our unique services, but not one of Beavercreek Office Suites clients have the stress of being tethered to a long-term contract as a requirement.

Not all workspace is created equal, and today's entrepreneur is privy to a fantastic range of space to suit all types of working requirements.

So whether you need space to think, to meet, to make, or innovate,
we've got it all worked out.

Here's a quick guide on what to expect
from each type of workspace and how it works:

Private Offices

Often referred to as serviced offices or executive offices, Private Offices are individual suites that come in all shapes and sizes. Generally, private offices are rented out to small businesses with a package of services, flexible lease terms and simple monthly invoices. The package of services often includes office furniture, cabling, receptionist services, and access to meeting rooms.


Coworking spaces are shared environments in which people from different companies pay to use the workspace on a simple membership basis. Because of its shared nature, rental costs are often much cheaper than private offices. The 2008 recession sparked a massive rise in the use of Coworking spaces, and the industry has continued to expand and diversify ever since.

Hybrid Coworking & Private Offices

The popularity of both Coworking and Private Offices means that many operators now provide a mix of both types of workspace under the same roof. This gives occupants of Private Offices the chance to collaborate and network with Coworking users. It also provides scale-up opportunities for Coworking members that have outgrown their shared space.

Virtual Office

Popular with remote teams, freelancers and home-based business owners, a Virtual Office gives small firms a local presence without the costly commitments of a physical office. Virtual Office clients get a real business address, live receptionist support, a mailing point and mail forwarding services, plus the option to rent meeting rooms or day offices on-demand.

Conference Rooms

In our increasingly mobile landscape, business owners and independent professionals need instant access to Conference Rooms all over the world. There's a huge spectrum of Conference Rooms available, from small interview rooms and boardrooms to video conferencing suites. They're furnished, well-equipped, and usually provide catering and concierge services too.

Event Space

Whether you're organizing an informal seminar, a tech hackathon or an international conference, you need an Event Space that's professional, prepped and ready to go. Event Spaces are available in key locations all over the world and come in a huge variety of shapes and sizes, each with their own unique culture, adjustable layouts and technical capabilities.

Incubator Space

Designed to nurture early stage startup businesses, an Incubator Space is normally one of several services provided by a party (often publicly funded) with a vested interest - such as a university or a non-profit organization. The physical workspace is usually part of a package of support services that may include mentoring, training, funding and equipment.

Accelerator Space

Designed to accelerate early-stage or small businesses, Accelerator Spaces typically accommodate startup cohorts with externally developed ideas. Entrepreneurs benefit from access to physical workspace in addition to other services, such as seed capital, mentoring and training in exchange for small amounts of equity.

Maker Space

A commercial Maker Space is like a coworking space for hands-on creativity. Maker Spaces usually come kitted out with various tools and materials to enable entrepreneurs to collaborate, design and create physical products. The tools provided can be anything from 3D printers and laser cutters to soldering irons and sewing machines.


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